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Fun to drive work horse of a little wagon.

Rick Ehrsam, 10/04/2015
SE 4dr Wagon
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The focus now has >173000 miles. Principal drivers are my wife and daughter. They like that it is easy to drive & park, and has very good visibility through the back and side windows. I recently replaced the plastic thermostat housing, a wheel bearing, ball joint, and rear stabilizers. most money I've spent on the car in many years. Engine is still strong and the car tracks nicely at 90mph Older: The ztec is a great little engine. my car has 162000 miles (260000km). originally paid $16280USD ttl included. i've been through two sets of all weather tires and two sets of winter tires (pass driving is much easier with snow tires). I've replaced the brakes twice, one set of struts, timing belt replaced (yes, it is a necessary maintenance item at about 100K), two sets of spark plugs, an EGR valve and an O2 sensor and tie rod ends thanks to the crappy seattle roads. Oil changes every 5000 miles and transmission oil changed every 30K miles. I just replaced the battery for the second time in 15 years. It's been a super inexpensive car to own. and I rely on it for 350 mile trips on a regular basis. If you find a well maintained 2000-2004 SW with a ztec engine, it should be a fine car to own and drive.

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Mine was good

carebearkon, 05/19/2014
SE 4dr Wagon
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My focus has been going strong for 184k miles, which probably isn't the norm. It idles rough from an unbalanced engine. The power locks and a/c don't work. The headlights are easily scratched and get really dim. The hatch doesn't hold open in the cold. I've had to replace the ignition ($300) struts ($400) ball joints ($500) and vacuum hose ($80) in the 60k miles I have owned it.

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Not going to buy another

jspin77, 11/10/2003
SE 4dr Wagon
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My wife loved the car for about a year and a half. Until all the problems. We ruined the rotors at about 15k miles. I guess that is my fault for not checking the brakes, but I have never had a car that ran through breaks before 30k. Since that we have had well over $2000 in the car in three years. It has left my wife stranded twice(which sealed the deal). Currently, it is still not running. It's not starting sometimes. We will see how much this one costs. I have a total of 60k mi. Mostly highway. Since replacing brakepads, they have lasted well over 40k mi. Many of the problems that I have had, are also happening on my father's Winstar.

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Responsible Owner

George, 08/24/2008
SE 4dr Wagon
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Bought the car because we needed a small wagon for commuting. At the time of purchase very little existed in the market for choice. Ford had brought the Focus design from Europe to the states and we liked its crisp lines and the fact that it was a wagon. We found my 6'4" frame fit comfortably in the cabin and the responsive road handling fun to drive. We had the recalls from Ford fixed and thru the years of ownership I have had only a few unexpected repairs. Overall I found preventive maintenance is the key to the 150000 miles of service this car has provided. I expect to own the car another 150000 miles before I aquire a new replacement. We are pleased with its performance and reliability.

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Bill V, 05/29/2002
SE 4dr Wagon
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We have been really happy with our ford focus for the year and a half since we had it, and the the front brake went out. PADS & ROTORS! This car has ~30,000 miles on it, mostly highway driving. A quick check on the internet searching for the words "ford" "focus" "brakes" have revealed that front brake failure is COMMON on this vehicle. Many people have had to have their brakes and rotors replaced after only 8,000 miles! Ford is denying any responsiblity for the design, or that there is any problem. Well NO MORE FORDS FOR ME!!! After owning several fords over the years they have now lost me as a customer!

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