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97 Ford Explorer EB AWD

alg115, 09/04/2011
Eddie Bauer 4dr SUV AWD
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Truck is a beast. Yea it does suck gas but if you drive like a normal person, you'll be fine. Pushing 265000k; truck is still on the road. No leaks little rust, but very reliable. SAfe for the kids and easy to drive. This is one of my favorite style of trucks; has alot of room inside while disguising it on the outside. doing little cosmetics to eventually sell, already have 3 265K..Love this Truck. AG

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Our Best Vehicle Ever

rlc1997, 10/29/2009
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We have had our '97 Explorer XLT AWD V8 since new and it's now 12 years old and has 169,000 miles. This is by far the longest we ever have kept a car both in terms of time as well as miles driven. This truck just keeps on going. We use it every day from mundane things like commuting to/from work to bigger things like camping vacations, driving trips and trailering loads. No major repairs in its history - just the usual things like battery, brakes, and tires.

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Ford Explorer XLT V8 AWD

matchgrade, 07/29/2013
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I bought my explorer for $1000 for my first car in august of 2012 with 154,000 on it. Let me tell you this is a badass truck with a lot of power. I drove it pretty hard, commuting back and forth to school every day for a semester doin about 70 miles a day offroading some weekends and going up to the mountains in west virginia, and using it as a utility vehicle this spring for my landscaping business. Not the most reliable but it was 15 years old, replaced camshaft position sensor, cat flange gasket, alternator, radiator blew and overheated engine and made #4 cylinder thereafter but hell engines made today would be toast after overheating. Recommend getting owner records before buying

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Great value for the price

Jeff, 04/22/2008
Eddie Bauer 4dr SUV AWD
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I'm amazed at other reviewers complaining because they bought a used vehicle and it had maintenance problems. If the hood won't stay up, replace the supports for $20. After a decade or so they might have worn out. Overall, other than the radio, this is a well designed vehicle which when properly maintained will last and last. The V6 has almost as much horsepower as the V8, but gets almost the same milage as well, so you might as well get the V8 and its increased towing capability. Mileage will depend on how you drive it, I'm getting 20 MPG combined, and I know of one man who's getting 30 MPG (mostly highway).

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21 years and still running but for how long?

Kevin, 01/12/2019
Sport 2dr SUV
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My father bought his 1997 ford explorer sport 2wd (automatic sorry no tab for it) a few month after I was born( new kid new car). He bought it as a family vehicle for weekend outings but it ended up being a daily until about 3 years ago. This explorer currently has 279,138 miles on the clock with original engine and transmission. This vehicle has never left my father in a hard spot and now in my hands it's still more reliable than my bmw. However, like every car, it has its fair share of problems. The suspension in the from was replaced, water pump replaced, sunroof is leaking currently, sunroof has gotten stuck open, the engine currently has piston slap but still runs well when warmed up, and with old age is starting to develop some rust on the roof. All in all, if the owner is willing to put the proper maintenance and be a little patient with a vechile pushing 20 years it can be a dependable vehicle.

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