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Jim, 05/30/2009
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This was the best vehicle I have ever owned and regret that I sold it. I have been looking for the a burgandy/silver one for the past five years. It was the most dependable and comfortable vehicle I have driven. It was practically maintenance free. I still wished that Ford would bring it back. I don't care about the gas milage because you save it on maintence.

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Buddy, 08/02/2006
Eddie Bauer 2dr SUV 4WD
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I bought my 1996 Bronco after selling my 1988. This 96' was bought new while the 88' had been bought used. I was making trips to Kansas year round about every 2 months and in the winter you never knew what weather you might run into. I could drive my Bronco and not worry about snow. Because of the way my wife enjoyed driving my Bronco and since they are no longer, available my wife now drives a 2005 Eddie Bauer Expedition. I have at least 6 people who have been wanting to buy my Bronco for several years but it's not for sale. Most dependable and versatile vehicle I've ever owned. I find it hard to believe that Ford would discontinue such a good vehicle from their line of vehicles.

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They don't build them like this anymore!

broncobustinman, 07/14/2008
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I bought this Bronco from the dealer and paid $16500 for it fully loaded and has a 5.8L that has never given me trouble. Had about 40k on it, now 8 years later I am at 95k. I have spent the usual amount on the ususal things that go bad in time with any car or truck (i.e ball joints, radiator hose,exhuast pipe, brakes, shocks, front end bushings, battery, the original one lasted 7 years! All in all this truck has given me dependable transportaton where all new cars can't. I 'll drive it till the wheels fall off. I know it will last for me to give it to my son (he's now two). Keep them all original they are beautiful trucks just the way the Ford made them.

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A geologist review of a full size Bronco

sjack, 01/28/2009
XL 2dr SUV 4WD
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Being a person who absolutley makes a living working out of his truck and driving off road daily I have found that the full size Bronco Is the perfect truck for some on in my buisness. Repairs have been minimal, the ride on the road is as good as anything on the road that is off road capable. And when it breaks the parts are avalable at any auto parts store. When you compair a bronco against a comperable Jeep. Jeeps have no room inside requiring everthing to be hung off the outside with worse mileage and without the durability. Infact to set Jeeps up for tough off-roading they put Bronco parts on them to make them work.

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13 years, 1 owner

Orig Owner 96 Bronco, 11/05/2009
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I bought a 96 XLT 5.8L Bronco new in 1996. I still own it in 2009, and plan to keep it probably 5 more years. This vehicle has been super reliable. I have 113k miles now. No rust, but I live in FL and don't see snow. Super capable off road and comfortable on road. A few problems, front suspension bushings replaced, ball joinsts need replacing (but not causing tire wear, so i'm letting them be), radiator leaked (replaced it myself), bad EGR valve. Other than that, nothing major to speak of. Front brakes last about 60k, tires 50k, I always get lots of compliments on the truck and offers to buy, but why sell when I'd have to pay $35K for an inferior replacement vehicle. MPG observed is 13/15

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