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Family man's Sport Truck

Norm, 09/30/2010
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My third Dakota, gave the first one away with 320,000 miles on it, #2 t- boned a Chevy Blazer doing 60 mph (he pulled out, did not see me) front bumper was sitting on the front tires, both front doors still opened and I walked away. It had 265,000 at that time. #3 Had to go to Michigan to find it, Quad Cab, V8, Manual Trans. FUN TO DRIVE. I maintain them well and drive them hard, no major problems from any of them.

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my everything vehicle

wendall wilson, 07/12/2009
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I've bought it 2 years ago,new off lot and love it.I live in country on old to drive and handles the 4.7v8,will smoke the tires(not reccomended)Looks good&comfortable.only trouble was bad tierods,covered under warranty.2 position tailgate lets me load anything I could with big truck.Gas milage not best,Have not tried flex fuel yet.should have got posi 2wheel drive(in heavy rain) it gets loose easily.only paid 22000 new,with bedliner

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So many repairs I cant even remember them all

Mark, 08/07/2018
SLT 4dr Quad Cab 4WD SB (3.7L 6cyl 6M)
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Bought this car with 150000 miles on it so that maybe why I had so many problems but anyway with in the first 2 months of owning this vehicle the CV joints went out on it. Then about 3 months later a ball bearing went out. About 6 months after that had to replace the rotors and brakes which I realize are regular maintenance cost but, about 3 months after that the power steering hose exploded spraying fluid on the alternator causing that to quit working and also wrecking the belts for the water pump wrecking that as well. Only a week after that $1700 repair the ball joint broke on it as well. Then finally about a month later the sway bar links broke on it. Also the transmission has started going out I have since traded it in and will never buy one again. There is also a guy at my work with one who has had many problems with his as well.

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FIREFIGHTER231, 01/10/2010
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i love this truck i bought it about 3- 4 months ago. i am a firefighter and this truck has done wonders for me it has the power that i need and it has great response time i was looking for a full size truck but when i went to the dealer i took one look at the truck test drove it and that was it and i can say that was one of the best decisions i have made because i don't regret it the truck is wonderful great looking awesome power and the E85 ethanol is great for when the gas prices are outrageous this truck has given me a new perspective on trucks. i think this truck is a great truck all around and i have not had any problems mechanically or anything breaking.

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My second Gen 3 Dakota...for a reason

tms1521, 04/19/2008
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This is my second Gen 3 Dakota. I previously had a '06 ST Club Cab. But it was time for an upgrade...and I made the right choice. I have the V8 so with gas prices the way they are, it is not favorable. But it is a great truck. It is rugged, comfortable and has plenty of power. I highly recommend this truck!

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