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Johnathen, 09/14/2010
3 of 7 people found this review helpful

When you buy something you always think you got the Best! This is not the case the Interior is very uncomfortable the gas and brake pedals are too far to the left your hip will kill you after a drive,the radio with the touch screen can not be seen in daylight, No power at all a lot of blind spots. and seems to have the usual Dodge Quality IMHO really look around at others and drive them all I would say 1. mustang 2. Camaro 3.Genesis 4. Challenger

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Great Looking Muscle Car

JCHboro, 07/09/2016
R/T 2dr Coupe (5.7L 8cyl 5A)
2 of 4 people found this review helpful

While the RT looks GREAT and a vehicle that could blow the doors off other cars burning down the road this is just a good street automobile. It handles well, but the punch you would expect off the line just isn't there. Once it gets rolling its smooth and fast, but getting there is half the fun and this is like a kiddie ride at the amusement park. For those of us that have had the pleasure of experiencing a true muscle car, there's no words to express that experience but WOW. The Challenger RT is just a nice experience with most comments being not bad but kind of leaves you wanting more or better. The vehicle looks great, but it really doesn't have the ball$ to be considered a true muscle car.

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Way better than old Nissan 370

George Kipper, 11/23/2009
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Man I love this car! I had a Nissan 370Z that was just plain aweful. The interior bits were falling off it daily. This new Challanger is tight. I love the outside looks compared to the bland "upside down bathtub 370" too.

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Ford,Chevy Watchout

Mopar Guy, 11/29/2009
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After numerous hours on the Internet the Descion was a No brainer. The Challenger SRT8 is hands down the Best car I have ever owned, the HP/TQ is Unbeatable all the way up to the redline, the ride was outstanding ,as is the the throw you back in your seat Torque. I am looking forward to long years of Enjoyment with this car......

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Dream Car

Cody, 01/20/2010
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I'm the proud owner of a Brilliant Black '10 Challenger SRT-8 Auto with every option.425hp going to the rear wheels means fast, fun and not for winter driving.Styling perfectly matches my taste- understated yet eye catching exterior, plain(not distracting)functional and comfortable interior made with quality materials.The stock SRT is tailored more towards touring than street fighting which trades off a little horsepower for a quiet ride.Despair not musclecar fans for the engine is unleashed with the addition of an aftermarket performance exhaust and cold air intake.This airflow combo increases engine power sound and response while maintaining or improving gas mileage.Great enthusiast car!

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2009 Challenger R/T

Ralph Medlin, 01/25/2010
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I purchased my Challenger in January of 2009. Chrysler nailed the look of the 1970 model. Shortly after I took the car home, the windows would drop down after the door was opened, but would not roll back up. It did this several times. The dealership was unable to duplicate the problem. The rear taillight panel had a two inch crack in it which had to be replaced. Some of the body panels and rear taillights did not line up. The lights could not be adjusted. I enjoyed driving the car, although I did not like the feel of the engine when cruising at low speeds. It felt like the engine was holding back. This particular car would spin the back tires, but not for long. I sold the car 6 mths later

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Let's be Honest.

BootCamp, 01/15/2010
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No one buys an SRT8 Challenger for fuel mileage. This is a niche car for a specific customer base. This car is about image and performance, and it doesn't disappoint. Incredible exterior styling, functional (read - not cramped) interior, excellent fit and finish, great ride and handling, and heavily bolstered seats. 425 factory HP and still 23 mpg overall average with the 6 speed - less if you use all 425 ponies more often than "on occasion" - which it begs you to do whenever you get the opportunity. This car benefits from it's Mercedes designed underpinnings. It looks like a 1970 Challenger, but handling and acceleration far exceed the classics'. A true American Modern Muscle Car.

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glad I got the 6m transmission

getther/t, 03/07/2010
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I've had this car for six months and I still can't believe Dodge actually built this thing. Mine is black, as I think the lighter colors make the car look too big. It's a big, honking', rumbling, American muscle car that people just love. Kind of like mid-60's Corvettes. Who doesn't like those? Anyway, this car is a future collectible for sure.

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What a ride!

Dave M, 07/22/2010
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I bought the 6 speed manual R/T Classic in TorRed. The car is an absolute head turner. I have the cold air kit and the Mopar exhaust and it sounds great. The fuel economy is what I expected for a hard charging muscle car. The ride is smooth and is very comparable to luxury cars. There is nothing I don't like about the car. If you buy this car you will not be disappointed. I have friends with the Camaro and Mustang and the Challenger is by far the better car. It may not out perform those two but the ride, comfort and looks are much better

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I love this car!

ECJSN, 09/08/2010
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I have had this car for about 8 mos now, every day I get up for work and can not wait to get in it and go. It is all true every thing people say, people complement me every week. Drive this car on I-75 is beyond any driving experience I have ever had, power galore, here the HEMI rumble along at 1700 rpm @ 75mph, listen to you best music. Oh man I could drive forever. everyone loves it. I am a 56 yr old engineer, former aircraft mechanic, in my opinion this car is engineering/design art at its finest. It does EVERYTHING it was designed to flawlessly, thrills the drivers all the way. I have a friend, owned almost every fast German import, on a trip he said over & over awesome car, just awesome!

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