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1994 Chrysler Concorde 3.5L

tbolt2, 07/23/2011
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We have not had the same experience as others. With only 108,000 miles on this car in July 2011, we have had the following experiences: 1. Had to replace whole AC system at 65,000 - cost $1500. 2. Had to have two intake and two exhaust rockers in right back overhead cam replaced in 2007 at 66,500 miles. 3. Had to replace engine timing sensor in crankcase at 82,000 miles in 2008. 3. AC compressor failed again at 92,000 miles in 2009 - replaced at $650. 4. Alloy wheels every 2 to 3 years have to be taken off and oxidation removed from tire bead area to prevent air loss. Worse in winter for some reason. 5. Whole front end tie rod ends and steering linkages replaced in 2011.

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one of the greats

moman, 07/08/2009
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I bought a 1994 concorde in 2000 and had 130,000 miles on it. Now in 09 its at 312,387 miles and the trans shifts smooth as can be. only problem I ever had with this car was the tires. it has not failed me once. I am a firm dodge/chrysler man. I've fixed more cars then most. the 3.5 is a great motor along with the 3.3. Every dodge I've owned has given me my moneys worth. have a 1977 dodge powerwagon with a 360 that has 796,342 miles on it. Best truck I will ever had owned. just like this concorde is shaping up to be the best car i ever owned. you treat her right she'll treat you like a king. Plus it doesn't have pointless parts which go out that need replacing like chevy and ford.

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Chrysler Conconde

ERMA PATTERSON, 07/13/2009
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This 1994 Chrysler had major problems and recalls when I bought it in 2002. It had (2) recalls clucth and gear shift. also cv axles problems. It look like it was in and accident, but the dealer fail to tell that story.

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Best car built

chips0735, 04/29/2011
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I leased the 94 Concord for three years then paid it out and kept it. I never was a Chrysler fan, but this has got to be the best car they ever built. We have always got over 30 mpg (imperial gallons) highway and 20-25 city. It has the 3.5 engine which I feel is BULLET PROOF as it now has 353,243 kms and does not use any oil between changes. I have always used an oil stabilizer at each change and am sure that this car is good for at least another 100000 kms. Good looking, comfortable and the wide stance makes it a dream to drive at high speeds.My wife would be lost without the onboard computer.

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jbirmmd, 03/28/2002
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Ok car, not the best performance or fuel economy, but comfortable and nice to drive.

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the hare beat my turtle

stuart, 05/31/2009
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it's ok when it's on a full tank,you have to constanly check the tranny fluid to make sure it's ok otherwise she'll only ride in first gear i used lucas tranny fix i've had no problems with it my other complain is the car has no giddy up and go. i used to think chrysler built damn good cars.i need to change my way of thinking. i bought the car used.joke is on me.

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Loved this car!

Laurie, 11/19/2015
4dr Sedan
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Received this car from my aunt, when she got too old to drive. It had been garage-kept, and regularly maintained, so it was in great condition, and VERY LOW mileage. In fact, for a 20 year old car, it had 86,500 miles on it! Car runs very smooth. Great acceleration getting on the highway. Extremely comfortable to drive, and to be a rider. Front seat space is huge, and the back is quite comfortable, even for a long drive. The trunk is huge! We really had no use for it, and we wouldn't get very much for it, so we donated it to the Fire Department for training. So sad to say goodbye.

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Long Term Dog

Concorde Failure, 06/06/2002
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This car was impressive off the lot new but has given us plenty of trouble over the years. Many recalls, etc and a stack of repair invoices. The car is very powerful and sporty with the 3.5L engine plus has retained it's good looks over time. I just have to say that although it hasn't left us stranded on the road, it has cost us thousands of dollars to repair.

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Truly a lemon

white karen, 06/14/2002
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This car has been a nightmare since I purchased it from a lease buyback. Low miles was should have assured me miles of driving before repairs. Off the top of my head I can remember a new air conditioning still under warranty. NOT UNDER WARRANTY a second air conditioning, new transmission at 43,000 miles, new track system at 30,000, new brakes at 50,000, new plugs and wires at 54,000, new water pump, timing belt,etc, at 56,000---I could go on but my check engine light has now come on and I am getting rid of this nightmare. Wish me luck

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A great Car

David Miller, 06/15/2002
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I have owned a great number of vehicles over the years, always prefering large North American built cars with High Performance capability. This Concord has been above average in terms of overall affordability. There is nothing about this vehicle that I dislike. At the present time it has almost 200,000 miles on it and it is just a solid and strong as a new car. I can't understand some of the bad press this series of car has received because it had performed beyond my expectations and will continue to do so for many more miles.

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