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12 years, 157,000 miles, 1 owner

FC, 07/31/2010
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The title speaks for itself. I'm the original owner of this truck. Bought it back in '98 with 11 miles on it. It now is pushing 160,000 and shows no signs of slowing down. I plan on keeping this truck until the wheels fall off. Every time I think of selling or trading it in for something with better mileage, it proves its usefulness, whether it be hauling a load of furniture, pulling a stump in the backyard, towing a trailer, or it snows! I could go on and on about the virtues of my Tahoe. Its taken me across the country many times, and still goes to the grocery store and work every day. Finally starting to show a little rust on the rockers, but that's to be expected.

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1998 Chevrolet Tahoe Review

John Wagner, 07/24/2002
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This truck is a brilliant package. Towing is bliss with the power of the Vortec 350. The interior is well designed, everything is right where it should be. I have 81,500 miles on my truck and there isn't a squeek or rattle to be found. The 4WD autotrac works flawlessly in low traction situations. The transmission performs wonderful...smooth shifts, with or without towing. I have yet to find something I do not like about this truck! I recently made a 1,500 mile trip and the truck averaged 21 mpg on the highway doing 75 mph. I am not complaining with all of the available power and torque on tap. JOB WELL DONE CHEVROLET!

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Tahoe Strong

Steve-O, 10/03/2008
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I really enjoy my Tahoe. I purchased it because I need a 4wd vehicle to get me to and from the fire station during snowstorms. I have been impressed so far. Besides the gas mileage, I'm very happy with it so far. It has over 120,000 miles on it and I feel comfortable driving it across country. Although I am a light foot when I drive on the highway, I still only average 17. That said, I love it and I bought it knowing what kind of milage a 5.7 v8 gets.

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Solid as a rock

pman, 07/18/2008
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I bought this truck new in 1998. I currently have 115K miles. It will go just about anywhere, and it has. From the sand dunes in Baja, river gorges in the Anza Borrego desert, winter storms in Big Bear, it just goes, and in comfort. Repairs: Around 60K miles exhaust manifold gaskets, Cat, fuel injectors clogged. (ARCO may be a bit cheaper but it clogged my injectors in first 50-60K miles, while last 60-70K miles I've used better gas, no problems, still going strong). About 100K miles, fuel pump, wiper motor. Just had first A/C service, still on original shocks. First major tuneup at 90K miles! No change in drivability since new, hold up well to dogs, kids, idiots in parking lots, etc.

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So far so good

ehsande, 08/21/2008
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I bought my 1998 Tahoe in 2006 with 99,000 miles on it. I think the GM/Chevys of the 1990s are great looking vehicles and always wanted one. Being that I bought it with 99,000 miles, there were some repairs to be done at 100,000, one being the water pump. I recently had work done on the brakes. Gas mileage can actually be quite good. I'm a fairly "soft" driver, and have gotten nearly 23mpg hwy with cruise control. I was in Montana when I first bought it, and often got 16-17mpg "city", though that has plunged since moving to a big city with lots of wasted gas at intersections.

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Love it

Taylor, 04/23/2009
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I bought the truck in 2000 with 78000. This Tahoe is a rare one with the 6.5L diesel. Fuel mileage is great for this size truck (17 city, 20 Hwy), with a 3:43 rear, compared to a 1996 gas Tahoe I owned. The looks are great, and I still love this truck. I had a fuel injector replaced under warranty at 98,000, and other at 199,750. I now have 200,250 miles on the truck. besides general maintenance, I have had the alternator rebuilt, and replaced the window wiper motor. This truck has been so much fun at towing, and off road. I hope this truck last another 10 years.

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One owner Tahoe served us well!

supreme, 06/02/2010
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I bought this truck new back in '98 and so far I've put almost 200,000 miles on it. I love it! I've owned many cars in my life and I haven't owned any of them for as long as my Tahoe has lasted (Ford, Pontiac, other Chevys, Dodge, and Buicks). The 350 V8 is bulletproof; the only problems have been with accessories (brakes, steering, electrical). It is horrible on gas but what do you expect for such a large vehicle? It's taken my family on many cross-country trips and performs without skipping a beat in the snow. My kids are all grown and moved out and I still can't let it go! I plan on driving this truck until it dies in my driveway. Buy one and you can count on many enjoyable miles!

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Surprise Surprise!

MarJan42, 05/02/2005
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After towing a trailer of furniture from VA to NJ the transmission is shot! 2nd time towing a trailer and is very disappointed that it broke down without any indications in MD. Now I have to put out big bucks to have it replaced before I get it home to VA. This SUV has less than 82,000 miles on it and I have owned it for less than 3 months. Purchased it because it was suppose to be able to handle towing.

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quality machine

j.anderson, 08/04/2004
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A very functional SUV. Never had any serious problems over 6 years. Very roomy interior and great interstate vehichle.

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Great Vehicle

pirate90, 09/12/2004
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Excellent overall vehicle for family trips and outdoor events - Roomy, Powerfull and good fuel economy given its size. I have put 100k miles on it since purchase and just now starting to need some repoairs at 142K!

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