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Red Rocket

sdz06, 06/01/2009
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I've owned this car since new. It is the second Corvette that I've owned. The car is extremely fun to drive, handling and acceleration of this car exceeds most driver's abilities. The ride is surprisingly good for such a high performing sports car.

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My Red Rocket Toy

Chuck, 03/08/2007
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I bought this 2002 Z06 in Oct. of 2001 and it gets just under 2000 miles a year put on it and is garaged whenever it is not driven. It has been in the rain twice and never in snow. This was a dream car for me for a long time and I love just about everything in any category with this car. It is a blast to drive for both power and handling! And the fuel economy really impresses me for an engine with 405 horsepower. This car will be in my family for a long time!

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Daily sports driver

FN Lawyer, 08/30/2004
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After owning 2 Porsche Carreras in a row, it was with great reluctance that i viewed the Z06 as an alternative. Yet, the press kept heralding its performance prowess, and new found reliability. Went to a dealer for a test drive, my mistake. How could it actually better a Carrera? Well, after 2 years, it simply does. It still hangs tight, no chassis noises, brakes better, accelerates and outcorners better, and i still can't believe the gas mileage. No, it doesn't enjoy same interior design and quality, what a shame, wouldn't mind paying an extra 2k for them. Yet, it's roomy and more comfortable than it seems. I don't think i'll be going back to Porsche.

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ZO6 Corvette, 405 HP

Dueclaws, 04/10/2002
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In one word: AWESOME! Prior to owning this ZO6, I've driven Porsches (most recently), BMWs, Jags, etc. The Porsche was a nice car and I "thought" it was fast. But, the ZO6 just demolished that idea. This car is incredibly fast, great handling, and at the same time it's easier to drive than all of my previous (14) sports cars! Here's the real clincher: my wife absolutely loves the ZO6 and drives it more than me!

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BABS, 06/26/2007
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Incredible car. Fun to drive, powerful. Great gas mileage considering performance and incredible stopping power.

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2002 Red Z06 bought new in 2/02

Z06 torch, 12/05/2009
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I've thoroughly enjoyed my z06. Fun to drive, comfortable, fast & a great handling car with all the comforts. My favorite "passenger scare" is the 270 degree on ramps here in SoCal! Build quality on exterior is excellent. (AND if you care!: Gas mileage is exceptional on the fwy ...between 27 & 30 depending upon speed). I have had the car in for work...mainly interior problems. I'm also on my 4th battery. I also changed the shifter the 2nd month I owned the car. Overall I'd say it's had less problems than MOST vehicles.

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A true American

Bear & Carol, 08/29/2003
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I sought the ZO6 for what it is. Sprots car. Since it has no insulation (weight) and even a thinner window that the other models (weight), I know that I would give some comfort over the coupe. I got what I exepted. A highy engineered sports car that competes easily with cars costing 400% more. The engine is truly a mavel. Has a single cam and two valves per cylinder for effency, reliability and lower rotating mass. Over 400 foot pounds of torque and 28 miles per gallon tell the story there. The quality and thought that went into this car shows it's fifty years of engineering. The more I find out about this car, the better it gets.

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geo, 09/04/2003
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This is my first corvette, but I have been around them and driven many different models. I must say the C5 is the best one yet. The Z06 has superb handling and ridiculous amounts of HP. Hold down the active handling button for five seconds and put her into competition mode and flex the true V-8 power.

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2002 Z06—Better Than You Think…

n938b, 12/13/2003
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The 405 hp Z06 is a terrific car. No fan of the Corvette since mid-year Stingrays, my first drive in a C5 changed my opinion instantly. Solid without the cowl shake, squeaks, and rattles of the past. Low sills, analog dash, comfortable seats. But it was the greatly improved rigidity that made me a believer that Chevrolet finally got the car right… or close to it. If you haven't driven one, don't let old perceptions preclude consideration of this terrific performing automobile.

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Hard to Beat!

Lee Whitney, 06/04/2005
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For the money, the 02 Z06 is hard to beat! Performance is right up there with exotics that cost way more. My only real complaint is the slight amount of "orange peel" in the paint and they could have used better quality leather in the seats. On a trip, I got 30 miles per gal with the Z06 in 6th gear and the cruise control set at about73 mph.Not bad for a 405 HP hot rod.I recent put a Vortech (smog legal) supercharger on my Z06 and it's now putting out over 560 (reliable)HP at the crank and it still gets over 27 miles per gal. It's a real animal and should be able to stay right with the new 2006 (500 hp) Z06. Even with the blower, I am extremely happy with the durablity and reliablity of my Z06.

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