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Oh how I love this car!

Nancy Jazwa, 06/11/2010
2dr Convertible
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I ordered a brand new black 1990 and loved it! thought I would order a 1994 but when I learned "93" would be the last year I ordered the "Pearl Red" just like the Indy Pace car. I am a female that is a car nut. I wash my cars by hand and do excellent preventative maintenance on them. I have a second car for the last 10 years which has saved mileage on my "93". I have virtually no problems except the CD player no longer plays and a problem when I lock it from the inside passenger door upon re-entry with the key the alarm goes off so I get out and lock it and unlock using the key.

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Affordable cadillac style

dabrajr1, 04/02/2008
2dr Convertible
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I was looking for a used corvette when I found this car. First of all, a very nice one is hard to find and they only made 960 of these and 1993 was the only year for the northstar and the only year for the polo green color. Most people have never seen this car. Second, I would like to know where you can buy a Cadillac 2 seat convertible, like new, with 60K on it for 12K. This car cost over 62K and is an absolute blast to drive and turns heads everywhere I go. Not one problem with it after driven for 10K miles. If you can find one, buy it. I will never sell mine.

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Still like it after 25 years

Don, 05/14/2016
2dr Convertible
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This is an update of my November, 2017 update of a review. My Allante now is 25 years old and I still love it. I recently changed some oil cooler lines that were getting soft after 25 years. Other than that and keeping up with oil changes, tires and battery. I just drive it and enjoy it. It runs and looks great. I continue to enjoy driving it. It remains is one of the most comfortable two-seat convertibles I have ever driven, especially the '93 model which has plush seats instead of the narrow and hard seats in earlier Allantes. I have owned an Allante since 1991. I loved my '91 Allante, but wanted the more comfortable seats and Northstar engine in the '93. I am glad I bought the '93 and feel happy every time I drive it. I am quite tall and the car is one of the few two-seat convertibles that actually fits and is comfortable. This year, I finally had the local Cadillac dealer remove the engine and re-seal everything. The car had some oil leaks and I wanted them stopped. The dealer did a fantastic job and the car does not leak anywhere. The engine still will redline in the first three gears and probably would redline in fourth gear if I had a place to legally go that fast. I love the sound of the Northstar engine when it revs. The car is a delight to drive on long trips and is very fast and stable. It is a great touring car with a large trunk for luggage. I am very strict about following Cadillac's recommend maintenance schedule and change the brake fluid, oil and anti-freeze as recommended in the manual. Other than a few minor maintenance items (replace the CD player, radio power antenna, trunk pull-down motor and replacing the two small convertible boot cover struts, the car has required no major maintenance and is extremely reliable. The car is a classic, understated beauty that continues to get many compliments, even though it now is almost 25 years old. The paint still looks like new and the leather is soft and free of cracks. I am impressed with how well the car has held up. I have several other custom and antique cars, but the Allante remains my favorite to drive. Other than initially learning how to open and close the convertible top, the car is very straight forward to operate. I read some complaints about the convertible top, but I have never found it to be a problem. Just follow the directions in the owner's manual and it works as advertised. A power top would have been nice, but it was not offered. I love the Northstar engine. It has lots of torque and power. The engine pulls hard up to redline and sounds great. I can think of nothing that I do not like about the Allante. The Allante Club is active and has local, regional and national events. The club provides good contacts and information about keeping these cars up. Most needed parts are readily available from Dick Hussey at Allante Source in Florida. Dick knows everything about Allantes and is always helpful. He has most parts you will ever need. Dick is a great guy to deal with. The '93 Allante is a wonderful car and I intend to keep it as long as I can drive. I believe the allante will be a more collectible car in a few years and people will be sorry they did not buy one when they could get it at a good price. Buy one and enjoy it.

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Hot Rod Cadillac - The Northstar Allante was the 1st Cadillac V Model

gep10, 11/02/2014
2dr Convertible
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I was looking for a more comfortable weekend getaway car to replace my 1966 Corvette roadster. I bought a low mileage 1993 Northstar Florida car with a hardtop. This car is fun to drive!! It handles very well, has a comfortable ride and seats, accelerates with authority (matches a 1973 454 Corvette in the quarter mile and has a higher top speed -144 MPH) and gets decent fuel economy (24 -25 MPG highway). The exhaust note is subdued at part throttle and throaty when you get on it. The 295 HP DOHC V8 is torquey and revs aggressively to its 6500 RPM shift points. The trunk is huge, there's a large interior storage area, fine leather, power everything and a nice sounding audio system.

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1993 Allante' It's like a bad drug!

chargalant, 09/08/2011
2dr Convertible
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Have had mine since Jan/2001. I knew the 93 was special w/the Northstar system. It has always been a pleasure to drive...and I drive hard and agressive and the car takes it all and askes for more. Power, handeling matches a Corvette. Styling is and always will be timeless, thanks to Pinnin Farina. I am amazed how cheaply they're selling for these days. As much of a headache this car is, I'd have seller's remorse if I got rid of it. But the cost & frequency of repair has exceeded the amount I paid for this car. Quirks abound! Yet this car will get very collectible at some point. Just don't know when. But it's a Caddy w/Italian styling, power and it IS a roadster!

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