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Paying Tribute to my 5 Series

hb1991, 06/05/2012
525i 4dr Sedan
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316k miles and still drives like a dream. This car has been in my family for 12 years and has not given me any major mechanical problems. This has been and will be the best car I will ever own. It has reliably performed throughout its service life. No bells and whistles, just a bare bones car that never acts up. I reliably changed the oil every 4k miles and did all maintenance myself. For a 21 year old car it shines up like a new penny. Beautiful, reliable, and a joy to drive. I will miss her when she's gone...ought to go to a BMW museum. What a joy.

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What A Automobile

Chuck Sperry, 09/28/2015
525i 4dr Sedan
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I purchased this car off the showroom Floor in October 1991. I wished I could buy a new one again! This car has been a DREAM, it currently has 281,000 miles on the original transmission and engine. I've always changed the oil every 4,000 miles and have always used Mobil 1 Syn. OH! by the way...always make sure to change all your fluids (Brake, power steering, rear end, coolant as needed. This is the year 1991 where BMW went from a timing belt to a timing chain. The M50 engine also has a large-big pusher oil pump. I might be buried in this thing..............DiD I ever get my money's worth. Learn to work on the car's not that hard. The only thing I had to change was the ECM....there's a place in Miami that will repair ECM's for $400.00 with a lifetime warranty....besides that just regular maintanance. This vehicle doesn't burn a drop of oil. Automobile of the Century!

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Spectacular car

ArmenB, 12/24/2003
535i 4dr Sedan
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Amazing automobile. Quiet and smooth on the highway, great reflexes and dynamics on the back roads and race track. 175k and more solid than some new cars I've driven.

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E-34 --- The best kept secret !

Josh S., 03/08/2005
525i 4dr Sedan
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I've had my 525i for about a year and a half, and have no regrets about the purchase. This car feels like a "real" car. It feels safe and solid, the 2.5 straight six is adequate, and the car handles well. The 50/50 weight distribution is one reason for this. The build quality is outstanding and the design seems straightforward and no-nonsense. It looks timeless, and as a used vehicle, I think one gets a lot for their money with this car. And besides, since this car is designed to be stable at 130 m.p.h., imagine how stable it feels at 70 m.p.h.! Since I enjoy fixing my own vehicles, I consider parts availability and dealership cooperation important. My local dealer has been obliging!

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1991 blk on blk 525i beamer - Luv it!

Lovely Beverly, 09/04/2006
525i 4dr Sedan
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I finally decided to give the 1991 525i a review. I only drive BMWs and the 525i is my 3rd beamer (automatic), I prefer manuals but... My 525i has 243,878 miles on it and it still rides smooth, tight and stiff. I did put a transmission in it at around 210k because the 3rd gear went out. Above all the regular maintenance and small things that goes wrong, like the cig, lighter(s) not working, I love this machine. It's the bomb.

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