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Truly is the Ultimate Driving Machine

David N, 03/03/2005
325i 4dr Sedan
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I bought this car in 1999 with 95,000 miles on it. From commuting back and forth from school I have racked up 240,000 miles on the car. Since then the only real problems I have ever had with it was thermostat, rear shocks (from lowering the car), left rear wheel bearing, and the fuel pump. These are basically all wear and tear parts. I owned a 1985 BMW 325e and it had over 250,000 miles on it. I got into a wreck with it and the officers pulled the badges off the car, gave it to me and said,"This car saved your life. If you were in any other car you would have been seriously hurt or dead." I upgraded BMWs to the 1995 so far this car has served me well. 240k with no eng/trans problems.

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1995 BMW 318i Sedan 5spd review

Rick, 09/14/2009
318i 4dr Sedan
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144,000k and still runs strong and tight. This is a car that makes driving fun again. It's 14yrs old and rides better than some domestic brands that are only a few yrs old! The 5spd manual is smooth and crisp, the suspension lets you know what's going on and BMW must under-rate their horsepower ratings because I have blown away many V6's with my M42 engine. I run exclusively 5w30 Royal Purple and SHELL V-Power Gasoline. I also updated the factory plastic headlamps with a set of EURO 4300k HID Depo Glass Headlamps with angel eyes. Now I can finally see at night!

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After 15 years - still a great car

Joe M., 11/28/2010
325i 4dr Sedan
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I received the car in high school from my dad with 56,000 miles on it. I wish I would have taken care of it better while I was in high school because this car would have lasted another 100,000 miles. The car has 178,000 miles on it now and I need new tires, but I am going to upgrade to a newer 2004 BMW 330xi. I love this car because it is fun to drive and has classic looks to it. Still till this day I love looking at the car - it is beautiful.

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Snookered by the ads

frankzen, 12/13/2010
318i 4dr Sedan
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Bought my 1995 318i in 2005 with 165,000 km (about 102,000 miles) on it - it now has 217000km (about 135000 miles) on it. It also has rusted out rockers and right rear fender, cracked windshield, the cluster (mph,tach etc) no longer works, lower control arms are shot, struts shot, won't idle, and the drivers seat (it's cloth) is worn out. I have replaced the alternator, starter, O2 sensors 3 times, MAF (twice) and innumerable other smaller items for a total repair bill of about $3000 I paid $5000 for the car in's now worth about $500. BMWs are fine...if you're willing to spend upwards of $1500 a year on repair and maintenance.

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4-dr 325i

Lempi, 11/08/2002
325i 4dr Sedan
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I bought this car 7 years old, but I know if I take good care of it, can drive it (almost) forever. The ride is smooth and comfortable, great for long commutes. Unlike most newer cars, the 325i feels solid, I feel a new sense of safety in it. Though 'safe' and 'dependable' this car is also 'fun'! Can brake on a dime, and is quite exciting on the open road. And NOTHING beats the jealous stares from people driving cavaliers and the like. :)

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