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justinharper07, 02/20/2014
6 of 17 people found this review helpful

Super angry!! Had this car for 6 months and my car has 40,000 miles on it!! This car isn't a high mileage car. So where do I begin, lets start with the electrical, a bulb in the tail light went out and fried the whole lamp and some other electrical components- $1100. The radiator fans clutching system went out- $800. The cooling module went out- $900 (causing the turbo to malfunction). The suspension is going out- $????. At 40,000 miles I find this to be a little ridiculous!! In just 6 months! I think this is totally unacceptable!! Go look somewhere else!! I ignored the negative reviews because I thought this was what I wanted... Please don't make the same mistake as me!! Save yourself!!!

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It's better than the editors rate

thompja53, 09/23/2002
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I bought the front wheel drive, 180 hp model. I don't drive it in snow so I opted for the cheap way out. It's deceptive. It seems really quick, but if you read the automotive reviews, they show it around 7 sec to 60. I think that's because of the "slow" shift from 1-2. If you're like me (middle aged, want a sporty car) then this is a good choice. The seats are a tad tight for someone of my weight (250) but at 6'2" this fits me fine. The base stereo stinks. I hate Bose's but if I get another I will opt for that or do a custom installation.

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Driving the 2000 Audi TT

Gary Stevens, 10/13/2002
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Really fun to drive. No mechanical problems. Excellent manouverability in traffic. People still remark about distinctive styling.

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Really Nice Automobile.

CashMorganLee, 08/23/2003
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We purchased our TT used and have had no major problems. There is not a Audi dealership in Charleston, sc, yet, so we have to take it to Columbia, for service, and any warranty work. I agree with the other reviews. I love it on the interstate at about 85-90 mph. It always gets a few looks where ever we are.

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Audi TT - still the best

jaz50y, 07/18/2003
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As one of the earliest TT's, had some recalls and small failures, like window motors and cd changer, but all repairs have resulted in no follow-up problems. Still the best looking car on the road, still smells new inside, still a pleasure all the way around.

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fantastic TT coupe

tqg4ply, 12/06/2003
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Purchased this car used at 47,000 miles and 2 years old. It has always started and run flawlessly without any maintenance problems whatsoever. Now at 50,000 miles it still drives and looks new. Although only 180 horsepower, it has sufficient power, so I would'nt bother chipping it - even though the chip would produce 225 HP at a very low price ! The only problem, if you can call it that, is I had to put on snow tires for NE snow. The standard tires are 17" high speed rated, so they are no good for snow. I highly recommend this entertaining coupe to anyone.

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German Reliability?

aceTT, 01/16/2004
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Just traded my TT in...a sad day, because it is one of the most attractive production cars I've seen. Too bad it spent so much time in the shop as it was certainly fun to drive. Good looks and performance though are only part of the equation. Nowadays, you expect a $30k to be designed and be well built. Maybe it was just my model but Consumers Report gives it the "thumbs down" for reliability as well. It was also a happy day, as my payments to the service department at Audi will cease.

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This is whats up

Alistair314, 06/19/2008
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Had this car for 10 months, bought it with 69,000 miles on it. Considering I bought it for 15,000 it was absolutely amazing. Very fun to drive, quite good in the curves except for the mild understeer, and considering the size of the engine (1.8l) very fast. This car also handles remarkably well in snow. Zipping past Wranglers and Tacomas in 10 inches of snow is always fun.

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Sports car station wagon

Rich, 08/04/2008
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This car continues to be fun to drive, even after eight years of ownership, the longest I have ever owned one vehicle. What I love most is that for me, it is the perfect compromise between sports car performance and practicality. I have driven it at Sears Point, the most fun I have ever had in two days. I would highly recommend attending track events with your Audi, it was a total blast. On the practical side, I love the outdoors and can stuff camping gear, and a foldable 14 foot kayak in the back (with the seats folded down) and still have sports car performance on the way. There isn't another coupe with this versatility on the market.

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Volkswagen on Steroids

Kaefer, 05/26/2002
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This car is for everyone who put a 356 Porsche engine into a VW Beetle to see how fast it would go and how many heads you could turn at a stop light. A very easy car to drive at high spped on the highway.

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