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I love this thing every time I drive it

John Vetrano, 02/23/2018
TDI Prestige quattro 4dr Sedan AWD (3.0L 6cyl Turbodiesel 8A)
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We've owned our diesel A6 for three years next month and love it. It was my daily driver for 2 1/2 years and my 35 minute commute (mostly curvy country back roads) was comfortable and the diesel had plenty of "umph" for passing. It has shift paddles but I never use them as the tranny seems to work fine and I still am not "in tune" with the characteristics of the diesel so I let the tranny do the shifting. I have taken it on three long road trips, each about 600 miles each way, and it is fantastic. Over 40 mpg at 70 mph with a nice stereo, awesomely comfortable seats, and an efficient cruise control (as an older base car it doesn't have adaptive cruise control). GPS is great and has voice control that works fine. We got the prestige with most of the bells and whistles (how did we live without heads up display??) The diesel-gate hit the fan a few months after we bought it but it never bothered me. We just had the fix done about a month ago and it seems to drive the same but mpg seems reduced a few percent. We already received our Audi settlement payment but not the Bosch one yet. Anyway, six months ago we sold my wife's SUV and bought a truck to pull a trailer so I've been driving the F150 and she's driving the Audi. I only drive it occasionally and today was such a day; I'm re-impressed with this car every time I drive it. I can't imagine that aside from size (and this has plenty of rear-seat and trunk room) an A8 can be any better. Thoughtful touches like the grocery bag hooks in the trunk are great. The interior (we got the open pore wood with a light tan leather) is still attractive and it is my first car with cooled seats, which are great in the summer (and for my hot-flashing wife!!). Anyway, can't say enough about it. Rockville Audi has been great (we had a BMW but the service at the local dealer was horrible). Last thing; I have managed to find what for me is the most perfect seating position in any car I've owned. I have a relatively short body compared to legs/arms but it is fully adjustable and the seat bottom tips back a bit to keep the thighs supported. Love it! We normally turn over cars about every three years but have decided to keep this for another three. Update: car now has 70,000 miles. We had another issue with the emission control (warranty) and needed to use a different dealer than Rockville Audi. They messed up and sprayed diesel all in the engine compartment. Took them over two months to get the smell out such that we could park it in our garage. The point is; we considered just selling it as my wife was frustrated but we both agreed that we like it too much so we waited out the process and are happy we did. We plan to drive it for a long time, which is unusual for us. Oh; one of the loaners she had was a loaded 2019 A6. That was pretty sweet, too!

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