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Big jump from my old Jeep Grand Cherokee

Mark_in_Truckee_CA, 09/17/2006
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Fast, quiet, responsive, well appointed, bells and whistles aside, I love going to work now. The mountain freeway I drive to and from work is fun now, for the first time in 25 years. It's taking me a little time getting used to the differences of driving from my old car, and 1995 Jeep, where my legs go down in from of me and the steering wheel isn't between my knees. The 2007 A6 is a race car. It hunkers down into turns asking me to push the gas peddle a little further down, as if it wants to go faster. The car has a quality that puts it in a class with any other more expensive car on the road. Consumer reports for the 2007 Audi A6 will be all good, I believe. I couldn’t be more impressed.

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sagarian9, 12/16/2010
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Traded in my 2007 A4 for a 2007 certified A6 (needed extra room in the back seat). Very happy with the purchase. I do miss the "nimbleness" of the A4, but the A6 added a few extras that I didn't have before. There's enough room in the back for a baby seat - behind both driver and passenger and the trunk is enormous! Plenty of power when needed - just watch the fuel gauge. Driving conservatively around town, I get in the low 20's. On the highway - averaging around 70 - I get close to 30 mpg. Pretty good for a big heavy car. Plus, it can run well on regular - unlike the 2.0T A4. Although I do alternate with a tank full of Shell Premium V-Power just to keep the injectors clean.

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Perfect rendition of my vision of an LPS

domenickamarc, 10/16/2006
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The Audi A6 3.2 Quattro S-Line virtually embodies my vision of what a luxury performance sedan should be. Quattro four-wheel-drive provides incredible control, handling, and steering through curves and around corners. S-Line suspension gives "on-rails" feeling. Averaging 22 mpg, while driving it "passionately." Stunning and comfortable interior, with full array of electronics: excellent bluetooth (Treo 700p worked from the start); navigation system (small additional display in front of driver allows larger screen to be freed from map-use), which has been dead-on accurate; wonderful climate system and heated seats bottoms and backs. I love looking at it.

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Best Bang for your Quarta!

Darth Vader, 09/26/2006
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The first thing that is great about the car is its elegant interior, I've owned BMWs and Lexus and MBZs and they all come in a distant second to the interior. The sure footedness of its all wheel drive makes it a fun car to drive, yet not stiff and rugged like it's german relatives. This vehicle is not the quickest off the line but the real world does not live in the 0-60 realm, it is in real driving situations where this car exceeds expectations. The MMI took a while to learn, but who needs it when you have the voice activated commands?

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My Choice over BMW 528ix, Infinity M35x

Mikeb100, 11/25/2008
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This is my 2nd certified used Audi A6, the 1st was an Avant that I kept until 185,000 miles and it still drove like new. This 2007 certified used Audi had 27,000 miles when I bought it and I haven't had a single problem. All the power I can use and all I do is think about passing and the next thing I know I'm past in absolute silence and total control. The brakes are amazing, but rather touchy and take some getting used to. I average 27 mpg and 32 on the highway doing 70-75. Nav is fast, accurate and easy, Bose radio rocks, steering and handling great. My speedometer is 3 mph fast and the front cupholders aren't great - otherwise nothing compares for this 6'2" 220 pounder

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