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Look under the trunk mat!

Bob, 10/23/2019
2.0 TFSI Prestige quattro 2dr Convertible AWD (2.0L 4cyl Turbo 6AM)
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My 2018 Audi A3 Quattro convertible did not come with either a spare or a donut. I was never told that during the sales pitch. The dealer did not have the exact car that I wanted, so I was given a demo car for a test drive. There was no window sticker. Every car I've ever owned, including a Fiat, a Capri, a previous Audi, several Mazdas, and several Toyotas, all came with full-size spares or usable donuts, and so it never occurred to me to ask about the A3 convertible. Unfortunately, I've had two unrepairable flat tires in less than18 months. I had to buy new tires each time. The first flat was a slow leak, and there was sufficient pressure left that I could get to the Audi dealer down the road. I had not purchased the car from this dealer. The tire could not be repaired, and I had to buy a new tire. The second flat happened so quickly that I had to have the car towed to a tire store, and a replacement tire had to be ordered. It did not come in until the next day, and I was without the car for over 24 hours for what used to be a 30 minute tire change. I now am in a continuing dispute with the Audi dealer that sold me the car for not disclosing the fact that no usable tire or donut was included. As noted earlier, the tires could not be repaired, so the spray sealant and pump that came with the car would have been of no use anyway. To make matters worse, the Pirelli tire folder that came with the car included language in bold that "PIRELLI TIRE DOES NOT ENDORSE (1) the use of sealants in Pirelli tires to repair, even temporarily, a puncture; **" So much for Audi customer service.

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Amazing Vehicle

Paul L., 08/04/2018
2.0 TFSI Prestige quattro 2dr Convertible AWD (2.0L 4cyl Turbo 6AM)
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Best car I have ever owned and driven. It exceeds my expectations. It’s the quietest convertible I’ve ever been in and the digital cockpit will blow you away.

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