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Excellent Value Packed Sports Sedan

zippy69, 01/20/2011
15 of 15 people found this review helpful

What's with all the whining? Enough with the complaints about turning radius..... Please. Learn how to drive and execute a 3 point turn. The day I base my decision to buy a car on turning radius, please shoot me. As for rattling, my '07 has none. Everything works perfectly. Nothing ever breaks, and it's got 73,000 miles on it! You shant find another car with all the features of the TL in it's price range, or even higher.

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2006 TL vs 2007 TL Comparison

JR, 01/06/2007
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After driving a 2006 TL for several months and purchasing a 2007 base model, here is my take on the differences. The 2007 is a little better overall. Its suspension absorbs bumps better than before while still maintaining its sportiness and handling. It's quieter on the highway and its seats are more comfortable (softer) - especially on longer rides. From the front, the separate fog lights, chrome-like strip along the bottom and integrated blikers in the side mirrors, give the car a more elegant look. The sporty body style, sporty handling and very comfortable ride made it a good choice for me. Notes: No squeaks or rattles, the new transmission is now derived from the RL's tranny.

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Great Car

phillips, 01/10/2007
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The car is flawless. One warning: there is a technological curve with setting up your phone and using the navigation. Lots to read. Second warning: not all cell phones can be used to import the cell phone address book from phone to car. I had to buy a new phone that would support all the features. It's minor but my relatively new Razor was not able to transfer its information. This is a great value. Compare it to BMW 3 series and see what you get for the money. I think you'll be impressed.

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Can't really go wrong with this car...

mike, 05/07/2010
8 of 8 people found this review helpful

I recently purchased this as Certified Pre-owned. When compared to its Infiniti G, BMW 3 Series, Lexus IS and Audi A4 counterparts, using such factors as build quality, performance, comfort/convenience and manufacturer's overall attention to detail - all weighed against price - the TL is far and away the best value. It may not be the quickest, most nimble or even the most fun, but it is far above average. The TL is meant for a more utilitarian consumer: high-end without the flash (although still somewhat of a head-turner). Overall a very easy car to drive and the best front-drive you can buy. The 2007-08 TL compares closely to the 2010 TSX V6.

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Best I have ever owned

bhorton, 11/20/2006
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I purchased the 2007 Acura TL two day ago and I am very impressed. The build quality inside and out is excellent. Acura has addressed every little detail a customer could think of. The ride is solid and the amenities are vast. I owned a Mercedes C320 and it doesn't come close to the goodies Acura provides. German makers tend to nickel and dime you over options packages that are standard on the TL. So far - Acura has a customer for life. The 2007 comes with a rear back up camera with the navigation package, side mirror turn signal markers, new 18 inch wheel design and retractable keyless entry fob.

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2007 TL Base Sedan

Richey02hg, 01/10/2007
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Bought a black exterior with black interior base 2007 in December 06. I love everything about the car except the gas mileage is a little below what I expected, I drive about 70% street and 30% highway and I constantly get 20 MPG at best. Also, I wish the low fuel light would not be so premature. It usually turns on and I only have to fill up 14.5 or 15 gallons so there clearly has to be 2 or more gallons left in the tank. But other than those minor issues. I love the car. Its roomy and comfortable yet still has a very sporty drive and all the features seemed to be well planned out to make as easy as possible for the driver.

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I miss my Grand Prix's smooth transmission...

whiterabbit79, 09/22/2011
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I shopped around quite a bit before finally choosing the TL. I was looking for a reliable, sporty sedan that wouldn't put me in the poor house. It turns out there aren't very many options that fit this bill. Almost none, actually. I had originally been shopping for a new car, but I started to consider certified used cars when I ran out of options and started looking to luxury brands for possibilities. I bought my TL 1.5 years ago, and while I do have some complaints, overall I'm very happy with my choice.

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My 2nd TL

bbj, 12/06/2006
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This is my 2nd Acura TL Nav. I just traded my '05 Anthracite for a new '07. Many people thought I was crazy, but it was well worth it. This car is much better than 2005. The ride is better, the features ext/int. the sound is awesome. This car is a keeper. I took white w/taupe this time, since it's more of a luxury color. There is nothing not to like in the new TL. Everything you need, you get.

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Honda Quality, Reliability 20K Mi later

Slash, 09/24/2010
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I agree with other posters that this TL is rattle prone. I've had mine in the shop 10-15 times for various rattles (and a leak in the trunk when I first purchased it). The car has been extremely good terms of reliability of the transmission and electrical components. I've had to replace rubber sealant on the driver's door and the sideviewmirror motor mechanisms (on both front doors). Acura service alone justified the purchase of this vehicle (always available to provide loaners and offer excellent service). I will be extending the Acuracare warranty, as a result. Overall, the car has been as dependable as the two Honda Civics I've had (with 200,000+ miles). I rate this as a steal of a car.

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BMW's Loss is Acura's Gain!

BMW No More, 01/08/2007
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First, let me just say that I have been a staunch fan of the BMW 3 Series for years, but I have to say that they have lost me with the newest model, sedan and coupe. Specifically, the interior is low rent\ugly, and for $35K+ it shouldn't be. So, I test drove the TL and, wow, what a car! Granted, it's not quite the road handler that a 3 Series is, but it is just as good or better in every other respect. Build quality, check! Ride quality, check! Interior space\comfort, better! Acceleration, better! Value, much better! A similarly equipped 325i would have cost me $7,500 more. That's some serious dough! Bottom line; BMW lost me, but Acura found me!

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