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A great choice - extreamly safe in an accident

jh16, 04/22/2014
Technology Package 4dr SUV AWD (3.5L 6cyl 6A)
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I have had my 2014 RDX AWD tech for about a week now. So far I have been very happy with the car. It drives smooth, brakes well, and the transmission seems to work flawlessly. I am most happy with the turning radius, as my last two vehicles were monsters to turn and try to park. I also looked at the Q5, and besides the Audi being more expensive, I did not like the idea of the turbo 4 cyl engine. I've driven an audi with a turbo before, and it seemed very inconsistent - thats something that I did not want to deal with again. The RDX has great acceleration (and sounds pretty good too when you step on it), its too bad they hid the dual exhaust tips up under the rear bumper. **Update - I totaled this car about 4 months after I bought it. I was driving in the freeway, traveling up a grade where a car was stalled in the middle lane with no battery to power its lights. I smashed into the back of it going around 55-60mph, that was a shock! My passenger and I were able to crawl out of the car, more or less uninjured with just a few air bad burns on wrist / face. We, as well as my family, were very impressed with the safety of the car. I plan on buying another sometime in the future.

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2014 RDX - Comfortable but a vibration issue ruins the fun

familyguy1, 04/01/2014
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Purchased in late Dec 2013 and after 3 months and 3,000 miles, here's my review: Ride is comfortable, agility is great, suspension is fairly stiff. Seats are supportive and comfortable (both front and rear). Sound system is great. BUT... The car has a vibration issue from about 60 MPH on up. Had the tires spin balanced, road force balanced, the prop shaft replaced... still there. The vibration is not severe, but it's ever present and on long trips, leaves your feet tingling a bit and ready to get out. Very annoying. Rode with the dealer service tech, he feels it too, but says that's as good as it gets. Because of the vibration, feels like I made a $38,000 mistake.

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Downsized from MDX

zoomacura, 08/19/2013
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I just downsized from a 2011 MDX to 2014 RDX AWD and am happy with my choice. Getting about 27mpg in RDX vs. 19mpg in MDX. A little disappointed about losing SH-AWD but a good trade off for fuel economy. New RDX looks sharper and feels roomier than its predecessor (my brother has the older model), handles corners nicely, quiet and luxurious interior, and new keyless ignition start is a plus that wasn't available in the 2011 MDX. My biggest and perhaps only complaint is that the E-break is too close to my leg! Smashed my shin into it about three times in the past three weeks that I've driven this car. Overall, a spritely and spirited vehicle.

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Good Value but not a Luxury SUV

tramm, 11/30/2013
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I traded-in a 2011Q5 for this vehicle. This is an okay car but so far I am not in love with it; it sounds and rides like a slightly upgraded Honda. Pluses: About $4000 less than comparably equipped Q5-good standard features and value priced Comfortable driver's seat Good back seat leg room Good cargo layout - space not wasted Quiet engine with good power and pickup Good storage in front cabin Minuses: Q5 feels more solid and is more fun to drive RDX has choppy rear suspension Interior materials are okay but not what you might expect in a luxury vehicle Noticeable road noise, especially on uneven pavement

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Acura got it right this time

ride50, 07/29/2013
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Test drove BMW X3, Lexus RX300 and Audi Q5 2.0. I can say the RDX was a winner hands down. Powerfull engine, luxurious interior, quiet, smooth and comfortable ride, excellent navigation. All that for at least 10k less than other 3 brands. I liked the Acura's straight forward pricing. FWD or AWD with technology package or without it. BMW, Lexus and Audi starts at the similar base, but by the time you ad few essential option packages, the price skyrockets to 50k. Audi tries to make you believe that their's is the only luxury SUV, so you should not even think to pay below the sticker price. what a joke. The Acura RDX comes fully loaded, no confusing packages and pricing. Very pleased.

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