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Tuly a Legend

Larry, 12/29/2007
L 4dr Sedan
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Honda built these cars and never again matched their performance, height, balance, economy, space efficiency, durability, and fun to drive quotient. WE had this car from 122K to 180K and just got a '08 Accord to replace it. I am not a happy camper - no more sport mode transmission, no more multi - link double wishbone rear suspension, no more silky smooth v-6 that even at 180K would happily sing to is redline and still go 120+ with ease. What an engine that 2.7 liter was- and 161 HP??? Please - NO WAY. This car would fly, and 80-100 on the interstate? In a snap. Fantastic car and I miss her already - after only one day. she'll forever be a yardstick against which I measure others.

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Love My Acura

Steven J Casey, 01/07/2005
L 4dr Sedan
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Yes, it's a very low mileage car, so consider that. But for 15 years it has been flawless -- best car we ever owned. We have had several others in those years, but still have this one because we can't think of selling it.

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Solid, Competent Luxury Sedan

Craig528, 03/09/2004
LS 4dr Sedan
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I bought this car from its original owners about 1.5 years ago--since driven it 44,000 miles (total of 194,000). Rides well, very fast--hard to cruise at less than 80 mph. Acceleration is authoritative. The car handles passably at a modest pace, but front wheel drive discourages enthusiastic driving. Quality of interior materials is excellent. Control layout and gauges are superb, simple to operate. The seats are comfortable and supportive. DO NOT expect parts to be cheap for these cars--many parts are now special- order. On the other hand, this car has never left me stranded.

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Great Overall Car

Melissa, 03/12/2005
LS 4dr Sedan
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I bought my Acura when I decided to go back to school and didnt want a car payment. I bought it outright from the dealer and have to say Ive never been disappointed! For a 15 yr old car, it handles well, accelerates quickly, is good on gas, requires little maintenance (mostly wear and tear stuff) and looks brand new after a wash and wax! Out of all the cars Ive owned, this surprisingly is one of my favorites (and I've had quite a few!) I was thinking of selling and buying a new car, but it's hard to part with something so comfortable and reliable that still looks so good. For a car that I bought on a whim, Ive been pleasantly surprised at what a great value it has been...

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I Looooove This Car!!!

BDCarguy, 05/15/2009
L 4dr Sedan
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I just bought this car for my first car about 2 months ago and I must say I am very pleased with it all the way around. To my surprise and delight I found out that a 19 year old car with 230k miles can still kick on the highway. The torque produced by the low volume V-6 makes this car jump off the line like no other! I don't think I've seen another front wheel drive car that can burn out. I had to drive it hard for a while just to break it in and get a feel for it and found that it is surprisingly easy to chirp the tires into second and I even heard a squeak into third. The comfort factor on the seats has to be a nine but the lack of cup holders is disappointing...

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