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It's showing signs of age

Joan Crawford, 03/11/2017
SE 2dr Hatchback (2.5L 5cyl 6A)
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This was my first car, I've had it for two years. I paid $9k, turns out the car is only worth about $2k. The car runs very well, very stable and smooth and is great on the highway and city, very good gas mileage, it lasts for a long time, the tank lasts maybe 300 miles and only costs $25 to fill up! It goes pretty fast to me and stops very fast too. It makes a good winter car too! Great defrosters and with new all season tires it has never gotten stuck in the snow! The heated seats get super hot too! The only time it's had issues in the snow was when the tires were more than 4 years old. Right now though, it's having some minor issues. It still starts right up and runs everyday, however right now the trunk will not rise open, the interior plastic on the doors are cracking, the glovebox handle and center console handle have broken off, the dash lights for the heat will not turn on, the front headlights are loose and there's a bunch of annoying electrical things like it sounds like the blinker is on but isn't, the car doesn't make any noise if you leave the keys in, the windows sometimes don't move automatically and there's this oil leak under the car no one can fix . I really take good care of this car, I am not rough on it, but I feel like now I have to drive my other cars because it Seems like more and more things are breaking on it, it's minor things but still. It is a good car though, reliable, zippy and runs (which is the most important thing!). But if you check safety ratings, this is not the safest car and defiantly not a good first car due to blind spots and the safety ratings and also volkswagen isn't known for being a very good brand. But my specific car has been very good but I wouldn't recommend spending what I spent on this car or getting any other volkswagen car.

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Got a Smoking Hot Deal!!

karinalynne, 01/05/2014
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I bought this car less than a month ago, the second day I drove it, it stalled out at an intersection and I had to have it towed back to the dealership (burnt a coil and blew a fuse). Within a week later, the same thing happened again and again. Finally had to take it to a mechanic, said all 5 coils and spark plugs needed to be replaced. A week after that, I decided to just trade it in for something more reliable. On the way to the dealership, it stalled, started smoking and then caught on fire. It is now totaled and it is the worst car I have ever purchased. Save your time, its a cute car, but its NOT worth it.

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Steer Away If You Want a Safe Car

Hayley, 08/24/2015
Black Tie Edition 2dr Hatchback (2.5L 5cyl 6A)
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I am 19 years old and received this car as a birthday present less than 2 years ago, the car seemed great at first running fantastically until small little headaches started happening. First it was my keys getting stuck in the ignition when trying to turn the car off, i couldn't even go to class that day because i couldn't turn the car off. Then it was the multiple windows breaking in the car that would go down but then not come up (driver, passenger side, and driver's back window). The car did fairly well in the snow, coming from Connecticut we get our fair share- the car has good control but there's absolutely no weight to the car so i found myself skidding and struggling to get up hills. My last experience with this car was the accident i got in it about a week ago. I rear ended the back of a pick up truck on the highway going 40 miles per hour, easy to say my car was totaled. It was a horrifying experience because i felt no security in the car whatsoever when getting into the accident, there's so little to the car if i hit any harder the entire front of my car would've been gone probably. It's a cute, fun summer car that's nice to drive around if you live in the right conditions. But please take this from me, if you're considering buying your child this car, PLEASE look into better safety features. This car has absolutely no protection to it if you were to get in a serious accident.

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The Volkswagen Co. Not What It Used To Be

George Lafont, 10/17/2008
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Day one from picking up the car from the dealer the handbrake came off when I parked. The car doesn't feel at all like a German car, in fact it feels like it's coming apart. About 2 months later on my way home (45 min. commute) on a very hot Summer day, the underneath engine cover came loose fell off and broke into many pieces. When I took it to the dealer, they accused me of running into something and refused to fix it. The service manager even went through the trouble of fabricating a story that I ran over a parking turtarrier with a piece of rebar sticking out tearing the cover off and again refused. Both their customer service and chairman of the board also refused to help

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The Bestest Car Ever!

Lane,D, 06/18/2008
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My mother went and bought this car for her Birthday and we have loved every cotton-pickin' minute of having it. It gets pretty good gas mileage. You would think that a small car like the Beetle-bug would be really tiny in the backseat, but it is really comfortable.It is the best car that our family has ever had. I also think it is really cool to have a car that there are only 1,400 of in the whole United States.

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