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Little Green Machine

RsWine5, 07/11/2009
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All I can say is I love it! I went from a F150 to a Bug. It drives like a sports car, the handling is great. 2 weeks after my purchase I drove R/T from Texas to West Virginia, the gas seemed to last forever, comfortable the whole way. I had the oil changed when I returned + tire rotation, cost - 18.79. I was told to have the oil changed every 5000 miles. All in all, it's a great little car! Oh, one problem: Trying to get a 100 pound Lab in the back seat for her Vet visit.

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I wanted to love it!

patriciagilson, 08/23/2012
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I bought this car and it was my dream car. I was really sad when teh leather seats started to rip, when I am a gentle driver and dont weigh a lot or do anything to wear them down. The headlights die, no joke, every six months and are expensive and a pain in the booty to fix yourself. The airbag light is on, the gas cap light goes on and off for no reason while I drive. I am at 100k miles and my check engine light came on. I took it to an auto part store to diagnose it and it ran FIFTEEN codes. my o2 senor and lots of misfires and leaks and when I chenged my oil it came out lumpy, even though i change it on time EVERY time. To be fair it has never broke down on me, but parts are expensive.

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2005 Beetle

jackson, 11/19/2005
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I was very excited to buy my 2006 Volkswagen Beetle. It's cool looking and fun to drive, but belive every bit of bad press that you read because the build quality is awful. I own a 1971 VW that is actually more reliable than this thing. Save your money and sanity and buy something else.

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Never Again

Cory, 09/26/2008
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This lease has become the bane of my existence. The car has broken down five times in two years (and that's not counting the small problems when I could still drive it). Bad enough it keeps breaking, but VW does NOTHING to stand behind their product. The transmission leaked when I drove it off the lot. No loaner cars, no concern for my safety. They kept telling me that they valued me as a customer, but what they value is my money.

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Luv My Bug

Jennifer B, 03/24/2006
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This is the car I have always wanted! It's fun to drive and the new Gecko Green for 2006 is so pretty! I got the manual transmission with package one and satellite radio.

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