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Made in Mexico CRAP! Do not buy!!

jreed10, 05/18/2013
TDI 4dr Sedan w/Premium, Navigation, Prod. End 4/13 (2.0L 4cyl Turbodiesel 6AM)
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I purchased my Jetta TDI nearly 4 months ago (Jan. 21), and loved it at first, but it has rapidly begun to fall apart already. The navigation system is an utterly useless waste of money, the "premium" Fender sound system develops so many vibrations that one cannot even enjoy listening to music, and the door panels started rattling while driving, after less than 2 months of ownership, so I can't even enjoy driving the car anymore. It's a shame, because the fuel economy and powertrain are both fantastic, but overall, I would not recommend this car to my worst enemy. I have grown to hate it that much. VW won't even stand behind their product and make it right. Don't waste your money.

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Fun and Stylish MPGs

jmmeeks, 05/14/2013
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The manual TDI is fun to drive, and gets great mpg. EPA's city mpg is about right - I get 29-32 mpgs on my commute (suburban + city streets, 16 mi. each way). On the highway, though, I usually get 48 mpg. The interior leans high-end - seat warmers, speaker phone, and the spots you actually touch while driving (arm rests, steering wheel, turn signal) have a soft feel. The top of the console extends to an arm rest wide enough for both driver and passenger. The Fender speakers are fantastic, but the iPhone interface can be prickly. When my phone is connected via the media cord, the system sometimes gets confused between that connection and Bluetooth.

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2013.5 Jetta TDI

hlisle, 08/22/2013
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Great car for distance travelling. I have put nearly 4,000 miles in almost 2 months... No problems - and have enjoyed the the car overall...

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Love my 2013 TDI!

ellerman99, 09/14/2013
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Have only had it for 2 weeks and 700 kms (Canadian) but I love this car! Upgraded the 18' VW Khartoum wheels so it has a nice sporty look, ride comfort is great and so far fuel mileage has been great! All around a perfect car for me, I'll be doing about 3,000 KM a month. Performance is surprising for a TDI, although I have never owned one, I've heard in the past they were sluggish, not this, once the turbo kicks in it does pretty good!

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So far so good!

coachbrain, 02/09/2013
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Reluctantly traded in my Nissan Frontier for this car and had some buyer's remorse when I left the dealership. That has quickly changed when I got close to 600 miles on my first full tank. Everything I've read about the TDI indicates they get better mileage than what they're rated for by the EPA and this seems to be true. I had bought my truck to haul all my kid's sports equipment to and from games and practices before I took a new job that requires lots of travel. Ironically I traded a Jetta 2.5-S for the Frontier and now I find myself driving a Jetta again! This time around, the trunk is roomier than the previous one. I am able to fit a large softball equipment bad, a bucket of

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volkswagen tdi 10,000 miles and going strong

rp4042, 04/13/2014
TDI 4dr Sedan (2.0L 4cyl Turbodiesel 6AM)
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I have put 10,000 + miles on my 2013 Volkswagen Jetta Diesel in about 9 months and the car is going strong, I have not had one single problem with this car, zero, zilch, nada . I have owned new Toyotas that were not this reliable in the first 10,000 miles. One reviewer stated that it was made in Mexico and was junk. Well the engine and transmission are made and assembled in Germany. The balance of the parts are made in Germany , Canada, and Mexico. It is assembled in Mexico. My point is that this is a car engineered in Germany and built to German standards. I have had no problems with paint, trim , or scuff marks not coming off plastic parts as some have stated.

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I'm a believer

stewsir, 11/26/2013
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I leased my Jetta about 8 weeks ago because of a change in my commuting status. I needed something that could haul 3-4 adults 50-60 miles a day, each way. I've had VWs, Audis and Volvos previously. This isn't my favorite car, but for what I got it for, it's the best, by far. Very comfortable inside, front AND back. great mileage. I average 35 or so around town and 42-45 on the highway. It's nice to see just under half a tank left and 450 miles on the trip odometer. I think I'm doing 600 or so miles per tank. Pretty impressive for a 14 gallon tank.

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Very reliable, great mileage

rrocks, 04/25/2014
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After 10 months and 9500 miles, all is excellent...upper 40s on the hwy, 29-30 in horrible suburban driving conditions where I live (a lot of stop and start). Absolutely no problems. I think it's a great, fun car for the money. A bit slow on the start, but it picks up speed quickly. I'm sold on diesel. The only thing I don't like is the odometer display. My wife claims she doesn't care about cars but I can tell she loves it.

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Mikeeee, 12/03/2019
TDI 4dr Sedan w/Premium (2.0L 4cyl Turbodiesel 6AM)
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I had my jetta until 326k miles when I got rear ended and my car ended up getting tottalled :( it still ran like new ! first engine transmission 6mt and always have me 40-50mpg ! smooth ride awesome fender sound system !! ill miss it !! one down side to it is I had to reprint it every two years because good and fender would get damaged from rock chips but I can add that I replaced windshield twice too

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