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punta, 01/03/2013
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240,000 miles of saving me fuel,,,bought new for 13,9999 saved more of the purchase price in fuel saving over the past 14 years...This vech. has been great,,average.. mpg 47...orig, fuel filter,,clutch...only replaced timing belt 3,,times changed the oil every 7500 miles,,...and tires....that is it...Liability insurance and just drive it...Why over do the maintance....Don't let the dealerships take your hard earn money....Good diesel fuel goes a long ways in these motors....No interior parts have broke yet...Note this car has never been garaged... Basic Jetta tdi,,roll up windows,,5 speed,,cruise,No AC,,I live in the Northwest...Get real,,this is all anyone needs...

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Great all around vehicle

Dan G, 01/30/2010
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Fun to drive, reliable and gets 40 mpg city driving, 50+ highway. Trim is poor, out and in. Door, manual door locks, molding, glove box, nobs, all have been broke. Living in Denver, CO, it starts in cold and takes a few miles to warm up - that is diesel, no problem. Runs up to the mountains at speed. With 200K, finally replaced clutch. Lots of cooling hoses which are not easy to replace. German engineering: what are thinking? Frustrating to work on, fortunately, that does not occur very often. ANY work by an independent, German mech costs $$$, parts are outrageously $$$, I know my junk yard guy. NO trouble with engine,fuel, cooling, heating, electric systems (manual windows).

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best car i've ever had

char, 09/19/2010
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bought it brand new, now approaching 240k miles. i really had nothing break, just things that wear out. a couple of years ago i got new shocks so it drives like it's brand new. still on original clutch and rear brakes. actuallly the air conditioner went out this summer. i don't know what went wrong with it. this car exceeded my most optimistic hopes - i couldn't be happier. my last tank i got 48 mpg and i never have to add oil.

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Thank You, Can I Have Another

chefbob, 07/23/2006
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I have this car for eight years now. 227,000 miles later and I am still getting 45 - 50 mpg! I love the car but I hate the dealerships! Even though I have had minor problems...glow plugs, hoses, batteries nothing is ever in stock and takes weeks to get. I have found a local mechanic who works on the diesels and I'm very happy now. Change your oil, timing chain, and get your manifold cleaned at around 100,000 miles along with the innercooler and you will love this car. I'm trying for 300,000 miles as long as I can stay away from the dealership.

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Best Beater

tim249, 01/03/2015
TDi 4dr Sedan
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I average 48mpg in my TDI, bought this car for an even $1000 (etested & saftied). Came with some racing mod's done (whatever). Had it for a year, replaced one $75 hose and one set of tires for $120 on sale. So in total I've put $1195 in this car (I also only pay $89 a month to insure it as a young male driver). Also being 6'2" I still fit in it nicely enough. It has 456000kms on it and works great and I'm still driving it as my daily driver and farm car. I work the heck out of this car and it's cost me nothing, I've easily paid this car several times over in fuel savings. I'll never buy a new car in my life if I can buy beaters like this.

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