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All I can say

jmroberts1, 02/14/2012
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After owning this car for two years with absolutely no problems I am happy! I am a very satisfied with my 2010 GTI 2 door. Pretty much a base model with the dsg transmission. 35000 miles later and I am now a VW convert, I bought this as an emotional buy knowing VW's hit or miss reliability. The fit and finish is second to none and I have still not heard any unexplained rattles. Mileage has been outstanding, 32.1 overall with about 85 % being highway miles. I can get about 37 to 39 MPG's highway when I do 60 consistently and high 20's around town. Fun to drive factor is great, power is always on tap with minimal turbo lag. It handles well for fwd. Highly recommend!!!!!

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One Year Later--grin still plastered on face.

mjjackson76, 01/06/2011
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I've had my GTI (4dr, manual, 18s) for just over a year, and I'm still enamored with the car. It's solid, speedy, handles amazingly well. Yes, could use more power, but I don't need it. Handling is what makes the car so fun. Ride is a bit harsh on bad pavement, but who cares? Buy a couch on wheels if you so desire. Stereo is fantastic but touchscreen is difficult while driving, shifter precise, engine note perfectly tuned and gas mileage good on the highway--26-28mpg on spririted freeway stints at 90mph; 33 best; 13 in city worst. Two issues: brake pad came apart at 4000 miles; rattles from pas. b-pillar at 8800 miles. No big deal--all replaced under warranty quickly. Can't wait for R20.

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Refined Gem

vw_gti, 03/27/2011
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The GTI is easily the best combination of refinement, speed, value, and driving pleasure on the market. I cross-shopped the car with various others and the GTI was the winner with the closest runner-ups being the BMW 328i and the Mini Cooper. I honestly don't think the GTI competes against the various Japanese cars (i.e. Civic Si, WRX, Evo) because of its level of refinement. No, it's not as fast as the WRX or the Evo, but it provides a level of refinement and all-around usability that both of those toys can't match. It's less isolated than the luxury cars but is still blessed with a remarkably high-class interior that should be the envy of most entry-luxury drivers.

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What a car!

cobraboy1, 12/02/2012
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Wow, this car is totally amazing! I spent 3months test driving all different cars in the class, bordering the class, and in classes above and beneath just to narrow down everything. In the end I decided on the Certified Pre-Owned 2010 VW GTI, which I bought for 19.5k with just 16k miles on the clock. The top three for me were, in the end, the GTI, Mazdaspeed 3, and the WRX Hatch. Third place was the WRX because while I loved the AWD and the power. I really didn't like the price, nobody orders the base models. the Speed3 was close but didn't have the refinement of the GTI.

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Spent half my $50K car budget

milleman, 03/10/2011
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I had spent a year test driving 20 cars over 1000mi to decide on the car that would last me the 20yrs my last car did, a VW Corrado. Life's too short to keep driving VWs, but the final shootouts for months were between the '10 GTI and different flavors of 1 and 3 series BMW coupes. I was not cross-shopping any of the Japanese "hot hatches".

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