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Domino's Prius Update!

alexx52093, 04/30/2014
4dr Hatchback (1.5L 4cyl CVT)
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Wrote a review about my Dominos' store's Prius'! Updating it! We now have 3 Prius's! Two '04's and an '05! The one I wrote about before is an '04 which now has 220k mi on it and still no problems! It never breaks down or gives up! And it gets driven HARD by many different drivers! The battery still holds charge pretty well, not quite as well as our other Prius's but still returns over 50mpg if driven frugally. Our other 04' Prius has 160k mi and runs great! Same with our '05 that has 120k mi! These vehicles are workhorses! You want a reliable, affordable commuter or work car! This is the one! If it can deliver pizzas, it can do anything!

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A car with life time gas coupon 50% off

Allen, 03/29/2010
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Just bought @104K for $8K, like new condition. Not a comfortable car like my 98' Lexus LS400, but I understand the compromise in order to achieve optimal MPG: stiff suspension, low roll resistance tire. My goal is to save money with 50+ MPG for 130 mile daily commute. I can't justify buying a new one for 3.5X price to save ONLY $1800/year on gas at $3/gallon. Performance better than I expected. Technology is truly impressive I am confident to drive it for another 5 years to 300K miles, if the battery OK. Heard many Prius at 200K miles, battery still fine.

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117000 miles on my Prius

Barry, 05/04/2009
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I have an 04 Prius with 117000 miles on it. In the earlier years I had all the problems with the car stalling or not wanting to keep going, but Toyota finally resolved those issues with software upgrades and recalls. For the past 3 years I've had no problems. At 112000 miles I needed a new water pump, but otherwise I've had no mechanical issues. The battery is fine. I drive exclusively on local roads, 40 miles each way to work, and get 48 mpg during the winter (New Hampshire winters are brutal) and am now getting 57 mpg in the Springtime. The car gets significantly less gas mileage if I only use it for short hops (5-10 miles) or if I drive on the highway.

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Fun car, looking forward to PHEV or EV

yohan, 11/16/2009
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After more than six months, the only problem I've had with my 2004 Prius is a dead battery. I've averaged about 52 mpg when I wasn't deliberately driving economically. As a former leadfoot Corvette owner, it took me a while to learn to get 70 mpg or even 99+ mpg, but I did accomplish this using techniques I read in the manual and online. With a car full of husky adults, patience is required for economical acceleration and hill-climbing. The typical American driver will push the pedal for more power, but the electric will kick in and save on gas. I recommend cruise control and some patience to get 50-60 mpg on that long hilly highway trip.

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Domino's Prius

alexx52093, 03/04/2013
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I work for my local Domino's Pizza store. It's one of the bigger stores in my area, covering a HUGE area for delivery. My boss has two Prius's as company cars that us drivers get to drive (as well as other vehicles as well). The main Prius we use has been at this store for 3 years now. It's an 04 and was bought with 90K miles on it. It is used all day long every from opening to closing of the store. It now has 186K miles after 3 years of service. There has no been one single problem with it! It is always taken to the dealership for regular maintenance when it is needed. We drivers average about 44-48 MPG when we can. During dinner rush's we can pull around 38 MPG! These things are troopers!

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