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2011 Highlander Hybrid

tdmiller, 02/23/2011
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We previously owned a 2003 Honda Ody and were happy with it. Downside was that 90% of the time we only needed 4 seats- and half the time just the driver's! Nice to be able to haul stuff, great for vacations, but rising fuel costs a concern. We wanted to keep the 3 row flexibility in our next vehicle, improve fuel economy, and perhaps get something that was not over 200+ inches, making it a tight squeeze in the garage. The Highlander Hybrid hit these major features and more.

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Good but not like the Prius

sergelbergeron, 02/02/2011
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Just bought our new HH Limited 2011 before Christmas. So about 6 weeks ago. Drives very good - 8K millage just 9L/100KM which is not what the book says but I think that will come. I am disappointed in many of the interior design. We owned 2 Prius and many of the Steering controls that are in the Prius and found in the dash - a good stretch away from the driver. I find the Smart key - proximity is not as good and often doesn't catch if I am coming from the rear side of the vehicle. I have not found a lock button on the rear liftgate so I have to use my Smart Key or go to a side door. The sound system is excellent - the cargo space is good but small features are absent

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Better Gas Mileage Than Expected

chicagojerry, 08/19/2011
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I have been getting over 30 mpg on nearly every tank of gas. Once or twice around 32 mpg, based on hand calculations. The hand calculations average 1 mpg less than the computer values. The trick to high gas mileage is to pay attention to the display and try not to waste gas by accelerating and braking. Every time you brake you are wasting the gas you used in accelerating. The interior is cavernous for a vehicle getting this mileage. Highway mileage is over 30 mpg if you stay below 65 with just yourself driving. It drops to 27 if you are going 75 with the family a bags loaded in. AC and heat affect mileage because they may require the engine to run when not accelerating.

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Highlander Hybrid Excels

jjdrvr, 11/20/2010
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Recently purchased 2011 Highlander Hybrid limited after owning 2006 same model. Hugh improvement in driving/riding experience. Also transition from gas to hybrid a lot smoother and less noticeable than previous car. Really like few changes made to car appearance although wasn't initially sure about limited grill (like it now). Hope reliability will be as great as my 2006.

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Wonderful vehicle for our family

dorenescar, 01/16/2011
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We traded in our '10 Highlander Hybrid for an '11, and despite having friends think we were crazy, we are delighted with the improvements. The mileage is truly 28 plus, and the vehicle feels easier to drive. The interior is much improved, though still some features that look cheap. The nav and back up camera are much improved, and the split row in the third seat is great for us. The sound system sounds better too! The ride is smooth and quiet, and our kids are very comfortable in the midsection. We love this vehicle, more than the first one, and find it to be great on trips, in the city, and be a great all around vehicle.

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