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Simply The Best!

Brian, 09/16/2010
XLS 4dr Sedan
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This road warrior has been in my family since new. My father put the first 150,000 miles on the car without any needed repairs except routine wear and tear parts (i.e. Brakes, tires, battery, oil). Now the odometer reads 250,000 miles and I just had the original timing belt and water pump replaced because it was LONG overdue. In the 12 years and 250,000 my family has put on our Avalon (a.k.a "Road Warrior") it has never, not even one time, left us stranded or failed to start, not once!! With the long history that I have with my Avalon I feel more than qualified to speak on the behalf of my car, and I fully endorse this car without reservation! If you have the opportunity to buy one, do!

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She is 11 years old

Luvs2run, 03/09/2010
XLS 4dr Sedan
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and very reliable. I've done regular oil changes and semi scheduled maintenance. NO problems. Had an oil leak after a Jiffy lube oil change. Found local mechanic who fixed oil leak for $120. Dealer claimed needed to replace $2800 worth of parts. No one seemed to be able to find it except for one local Toyota Repair tech. Had pan for oil drips in garage for a year until I found Mr. wonderful. Car is so reliable, paid for and still a very nice looking car. I won't part with it until it blows up.

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Toyota, Need I say more?

enigmadtop, 12/05/2011
XL 4dr Sedan
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I take this car up to big bear with a full car (6 people, the center front armrest comes up and has a seatbelt underneath) and it has never broken down on me once. The ride going there is completely smooth cruising at 80 mph, even though the Avalon's engine has more than enough power to go over that even with a full car. It has no trouble getting up those steep hills and is my car of choice when driving up to the mountains every season. It also survived a trip all the way to Sonora in Northern California from San Diego with a very steep mountain to climb at the end as well. Again, the car did not disappoint. Would highly recommend this car to anyone looking for an extremely robust vehicle.

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This car just wont die!

davidvnyc, 01/30/2011
XLS 4dr Sedan
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I purchased my 98 Avalon XLS in 2003 with 150,000 miles on it. At about 180k miles I changed the front two 02 sensors. At 220k miles I changed the timing belt (first time), water pump, struts and ball joints. Other than these item’s I’ve only had to do standard fluid changes, tires and brakes. About 2 years ago, I came too close to a guard rail and scraped the right side of the car. Because the car had 340k miles on it at the time, I chose not to spend the 600 to repair the damage. The car now just broke though 400k and while it doesn’t look as good as when I bought it, it still runs perfectly and zero operational issues. I have my eye on a new car, but my wife will not let me pull t

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Recall for sludge

vicky, 01/07/2005
XLS 4dr Sedan
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At around 113000 miles their is a oil gel/sludge in the engine below the valves. At 131340 miles there was dried oil in the form of coffee grinds in the internal oil screen that filters the oil inside the oil pan cover. WHEN OIL LIGHT comes on at 131340 miles HAVE IT TOWED to your closest dealer or you will be paying for a new engine. Make sure you tell the Service Manager NO ONE IS TO DRIVE IT or let it run at idle. Or you will have major internal engine damage. I was not notified by the manufacture that there was a recall for sludge ... so if it is smoking that could be the sign that it has an oil gel problem and it is covered by the manufacture. At 131300 miles changed front springs.

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