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Good little pizza car

groovydoovy, 10/14/2010
L 4dr Wagon AWD
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Have loved this car for 6 years. Drove it 5 days a week for 3 years as a pizza delivery car. I like to drive at high RPM and as fast as possible around corners and over speed bumps so needless to say this car has taken a beating. That said only thing it needed to keep it going was gas and oil changes and of course brakes. At this point the struts are pretty wasted, but other than that it continues to cruise along like it did when I bought it 6 years ago. I love that my car can get up and go every time there is a snow storm and everyone else is left stuck on the side of the road. This is a reliable car that takes a beating. Just like I like a car to be.

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joppelaar, 04/16/2012
LX 4dr Wagon AWD
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I bought my 95 LX while living in Vancouver, Canada seven years ago. Six months in, the engine blew. Turned out it was a faulty repair that resulted in the engine chewing itself to bits. The dealer sourced a used one ($2000 CDN, including labor), and gave me 3 months' warranty on the work. 7.5 years later (with 262,000 kms on the clock) it still runs like a top. I took it in to have it smogged last fall and the tester said, "what does this thing run on, air??" Emissions were lower than some new hybrids he'd tested. All the usual good stuff about subarus is represented here - great in snow, pretty strong little motor (the 2.2 at least) and better than your average econobox to drive.

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Great car

yup, 09/17/2007
L 4dr Sedan
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My dad bought the car new in 95, never had to replace anything except for regular tune-up things like brake pads, spark plugs, etc. It has 208,000 miles on it now, still runs like it did years ago. I have redlined this car since I have had it, I have put this car through a lot of rough driving and it has held up better than any car I have ever seen. I highly recommend this car.

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Balance through the corners

Rusty_Dutch, 09/16/2009
4dr Sedan
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Well. I'm happy to say that the auto in the 1.8 was surprisingly more frisky and rev happy than I originally thought. It's relatively quick upon acceleration as well, considering you're driving a saloon automatic. Performance: well. on 13's, this thing is fun. Diving into corners is great. The perfect amount of body roll, the perfect amount of predictable understeer, the FF oversteer is extremely entertaining on a car with 170k+ miles. This car is fine. It is just a perfect cruiser. Yea, it's not turbo. Yea, its not AWD. Yea, it's not a manual. But you know what - this car has heart. This car will get you from here to there. And you'll be comfortable. And to hear the 13's squeal...

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notimpezzed, 11/24/2003
L 4dr Sedan AWD
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Only suffered with this car for so long due to the need for the AWd system- which is the only reason to buy a Subaru. Had to replace 5 sensors, Entire AC unit ($1400), radiator, rotors (3times! @ $300 a pop), main head gasket ($600), front transaxle ($550), and way too many alignments, horrible exhaust smell when first started, and new sets of tires (eats them up). Subaru tauts quality that is non-existent.

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