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This is a real nice machine!

jdlewis95, 04/01/2011
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I just bought a 2010 TC brand new off the showroom. I have owned nothing but BMW's for the last 17 years. My last BMW was a 2008 328 Xi, great car but it was $47000.00 and I have 2 kids coming up for college in a few years, so I wanted to get a new car that was close to the BMW comfort and handling for less $$. I fell in love with the TC. It has the Camry motor, and the TC weighs much less, so it's fast with 161 HP. With the HUGE top open and the windows down it feels like a convertible. It has ABS brakes, and it handles like a German car. The stereo is great, the Bluetooth is nice, the steering is awesome, and the car has awesome power...and it's $27000.00 less than the BMW. Very NICE!!!!

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When you want "city power"...

Katy, 04/19/2010
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Scions are a fun, inexpensive, reliable breed of cars. My tC is 7 months old now and has been on several road trips already with two big ones planned in the future. This car is built for what I call "city power", meaning that I don't race it or expect to do lots of long haul driving or commutes. I'm a city girl who like the feel and look of this sleek vehicle. It's like a grown-up's sports car without the look of grandpa's midlife crisis. You can get this car standard without any special features and still drive off feeling like you bought a fun, high-end car (for under 20K).

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Fantastic, Ultra-Reliable Car

ray137, 01/19/2011
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Mine is a black 2006. This same model carries all the way over to 2010. I now have 115,000 on it and the only things I have done are oil changes, transmission fluid, new brakes, and tires. Still runs like brand new. You will not find any other car out there for under 18 grand that has all the features of this vehicle. The 5-speed shifter is buttery smooth, even at 115,000. There is plenty of low and mid-range torque. I drop it into 3rd and hit the gas to merge onto highway and it blasts forward with no issues. Although the huge glass sunroof makes it top heavy, the car still handles corners very well. Plenty of power. If you want more power, then you will have to pay much more than 18 grand.

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Great Car

RayL, 04/25/2010
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This is a great car to drive. Not only do you get a very nice price you get alot of features included. I do disagree on the ratings of performance it has great power for the engine you are working with, but it is the styling of the car which got me hooked on this car. You will have a smile everytime you drive it.

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Great car to commute in

Tony P III, 02/21/2010
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I just purchased a 2010 TC last month. Interior is nice, sound system is awesome, car handles very nicely. I disagree about it's lack of's a 4cyl commuter car, I think it's rather torquey and responsive compared to civics I've owned. If you want to be fast, go buy an LSX car. This car looks great and delivers, no complaints thus far.

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2010 Scion TC

Loretta , 03/27/2010
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This is a great car. Not only for youngsters but seniors too. I just love this car! It performs well, handles even better and the Scion folk are wonderful people to interact with. This car pops! Got it in January and broke my drivers foot two days later and couldn't wait for it to heal so I could get back in my car!

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I know 4 People who have this same issue

tanya1977, 01/04/2012
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I love my car . My husband has a 2006 my friend has a 2007 and another friend has a 2008. I was backing up and this loud squeeking sound came from my car, my husband was with me and said his car does the same thing, I had my breaks checked and the pads are fine . I was leaving work one day and it happened again and a co worker who owns a tc came out to stop me and said her car does the same thing, Where I live is an aparment complex and I could not beleive it a girl that drives a tc was backing up and her car did the same thing I stopped her and she said it started out of the blue , This only happens when you back it up . This should be looked into i think it is a manufacture issue

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Stylish But Sluggish

Ted , 11/16/2009
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The TC shows plenty of signs of potential for excellence, but comes up short with certain flaws. The numerous standard features, and sleek aerodynamic design are unmatched. Unfortunately, the acceleration of the car is rather unimpressive, even though its fuel efficiency is one of the lowest in its class.

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Don't Buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!

guille3, 03/08/2011
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Just purchased a 2010 Scion Tc, with 84 miles on it, from the dealer on Sunday and drove it to work on Monday. The car is supper noisy and handles squirrelly at high freeway speeds. Plus my back hurts from the seats. Took it back to the dealer the next day and he wanted to discount 4k off of what I paid for it. I really what to get rid of it, any suggestions?

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