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There really is no other

chas, 04/20/2010
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My first Porsche, hopefully not my last. I'm not sure I can describe just how powerful an experience it is to drive a car like this every day. This is my regular driver, 3-4 days a week to work and back. I dropped a fair amount of money on it in my first year of ownership, but nothing I had to fix or upgrade was especially unreasonable. The Porsche 911 requires careful attention in its maintenance, but the rewards are very great: no other car makes you a part of the machine the way the 993 911 does. It's an experience every driver should have. My car has 112K miles on it, and it's running like a watch now. I just cross my fingers that no more expensive trolls show up soon

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One of the Best Porsches ever made

Juan Pequeno, 03/03/2003
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The Porsche 993 is one of the best looking and best made Porsches ever made. It is the Last of the true air- cooled porsches. Couldn't be happier with this car.

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Lasting Contemporary Design

dicktoth, 12/12/2005
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The 1995 Porsche 911 has one of the best car designs in the world. It is fun to drive. I have had it for eight years and it is still an exciting car to drive. I have a 6 speed and Polar SIlver is the color. It is hard to tell what year the car was designed. The exhaust sounds fantastic. The power vs. car body is balanced. Most importantly this is an exciting car to drive!

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The Reliable Alternative To Ferrari 328

Sportscarnut, 04/01/2002
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This is my fourth, and favorite 911. You don't really notice the lack of Varioram unless you are passing. Edmunds' estimate of $34K for one in nice condition is pretty low. One with average mileage (4K - 7K /year) and maintained will cost more. Porsche ownership is not for everyone. This model has hydraulic lifters (no valve adjustments), but the exhaust manifold must be disassembled to access the lower spark plugs, and it eats 17" rear tires every 7500 miles. If you drive very gingerly, you can possibly coax 15K miles out of the fronts. Also, oil changes take about 10 quarts of Mobil One and an arm with two elbows.

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Love it!

Bob Dennis, 10/22/2003
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Amazing performance, extremely fun to drive, and a true work of art with 40 years of history. These cars are meant to be driven and will provide many miles of grins. Great local clubs for track and driving skill events so you can take advantage of this car's true performance capabilities. I'll never sell this car.

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Porsche got it right w/ the 993

mikeB, 05/28/2002
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I have had several Porsche cars, but the 993 is by far the most complete. It is a 100% sports car, with stellar resale value to boot. Hard to equal this car, impossible to beat. This car may not be something for everyone, but it is everything to someone.

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Fred Reiner, 01/04/2005
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My 1995 Porsche 911 Carrera is simply an amazing car. Its fast, handles beautifully, is sexy, basically bullet proof. Others will pay you to wash your car! Understand that this car requires upkeep (largely oil changes). Remember this car's engine is not only air cooled, its "oil cooled" too. it has a cozy cockpit, but its not that small, I'm 6'1", 215# and I fit in just fine. My kids fit in the back too.

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My 1995 911 C4

leon camerlengo, 02/05/2016
Carrera 4 2dr Coupe AWD
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Let me begin by saying this isn't a typical sports car. When I first purchased it I wanted to drive it all year long in Columbus, Ohio and purchased snow tires for it. This thing handles incredibly well in the snow. My brother owns an AWD Subaru WRX and with the 1st snow we tested both vehicles in about 2-3 inches of snow in a big empty parking lot. We both agreed the Porsche handled better and more predictably. One of my favorite things is letting a friend who hasn't driven a Porsche before take it out on a test run and experience the Porsche driving experience. The look in their eye's when they push on that accelerator is noteworthy. This AWD 911 holds the road like no other car I've driven. I always tell them don't worry this car will not let you down, and so far it has been true. It really is an incredible experience. The sound is great so don't even think about the radio. I love how it clicks after placing it in the garage after a good run. This car is incredibly reliable and very solid and the look will compete with any car even today. The downside is you do go through rear tires usually around 7500 miles. Also, I'm on my 4th battery in 20 years. I have had many cars but let me say the 993 C4 Porsche is special. Very special.....

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The best 911........ever!

Tr, 12/27/2003
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This car is a blast to drive, and by far and away, the best looking Porsche ever built. Everyone should own one!

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Fantastic Car

Fantastic Car, 09/30/2007
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I've owned my C4 for five years now and have to say that it's virtually trouble free and 100% reliable. I've test driven newer Porsches with a view towards trading up but have resisted mainly because I'm not so sure it truely is a step up. For now, she's a keeper.

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