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Toronado Power

biznill, 12/07/2004
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I love the car, although it gives me horrible gas mileage. Love all the extra toys, and my passenger loves playing with the 15 way power passenger seat. Radio is awesome! I can hear the music from a block away!

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crocodile2, 03/25/2011
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I have a 91 toronado from north carolina with 126,000 miles on it which is nothing i have seen other GM cars with the same engine and tranny go literally a million miles + as taxis! you know they get beat and very little maintenance. it has the digital instrument panel which is awesome to look at and full of features that even 90% of owners dont even know are there its secret button pushing that gets em out. it has no rust at all! it rides and performs like a dream. the seats are perfect the kind you dont want to get out of once your planted. the style of the body is on a scale of 1 to 10 is definitly 20 it looks like a futuristic thunderbird from way back. rare car in high demand! i loveit

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Revenge of the Tornado

perry, 08/13/2005
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I love my '91 Oldsmobile Toronado. This vehicle is in the raw when it comes to the capabilities of what can be done with doctoring one up and that's exactly what ive done. The interior design is pretty much the same, except for the old cloth head liner, I had it replaced with leather and had some silver tribal work embroidered into it as well as the front and rear seats. The carpets are black, trying to stay somewhat close to original in color. The steering wheel is an alloy that is made in the symbol of the iron cross from West Coast. the rims have been machined to match. the engine is in top shape and is extremely strong. The windows are as black as the car itself which has ghost flames.

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Outstanding vehicle

ohill, 09/17/2008
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I have wanted one of these cars since the were first introduced in 1989-90. It is a car that people say, "what is that?" and i love it. Its touchscreen computer is awesome and it glides so smoothly down the highway. the only fault is that it was built 17 years ago and fuel economy is not that great in references to prices today. Nevertheless, it still looks good and the leather is not torn. You may own a TROFEO if you are a real American Car enthusiast as I am.

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first car

Austin, 03/17/2009
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this was my first car and I believe it's the perfect first car. absolutely no rust which is incredible since the car has spent it's entire life in Iowa. bought it with 106,000 miles on it and it now sits at 126,000 on it. no problems at all. love the luxuries like the air suspension and the computer system. everyone loves to play with the joy-stick controlled power seats. car is amazing and it will be my little sisters first car too. would reccomend to anyone who wants a car that will never die on them.

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