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Attached To My Olds

Kiki, 11/08/2010
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I bought the car when it was 5 years old.It had 39,000 miles on it. I liked the car on the first test drive. I am quite attached to my 96 Olds now and take care of it with TLC. I read on another review: QUOTE "I've had to replace the battery several times and the "service engine soon" light stays on all the time." The same for me but it's OK. I will have a hard time to part with this car. It looks like new (had body work done) had a remote starter installed, added Oldsmobile mudflaps and wire wheel covers. It's a sharp looking car. I have spent the most for repairs this year but I knew that was coming and I was willing to make the repair investments. I love my 96 Oldsmobile !

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Great Care

vsochaquiroz, 10/27/2004
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Great Car to get around in. Great on fuel consumption.

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Love <3 MyOldie Olds but goodie!!! ***** Q

Mrs.Lee, 09/08/2015
SL 4dr Sedan
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I bought this car in 2006 from an estate sale with 24,000 miles on it. I bought it for to drive because I wanted an inexpensive car to drive that I would have to have liability insurance,and since I had two sons in college I had to cut down on expensive wherever I could. I have enjoyed driving this car, it has been reliable, only upkeep with only regular maintance. I've been ask it I wanted to sell it more than a few times since I've had it. It is 20 yrs old and am still driving it, I actually think it is better looking than a lot of the newer cars on the road now, it has more character and is to me a classic. I have a chance to buy a 2013 Altima at a bargain price but I don't want to part with my old Olds. It has served me well, I love my 1996 Olds!!!! <3

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cole21, 09/09/2011
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I've had this car a little over a year now, and I'm aching to be rid of it. you feel every bump in the road, and although the seats are very comfortable, its not a pleasant ride. there's rust and holes in the rear, it's slow, its awful on gas, and I've put so much money into it, its not even worth it. my door doesn't open when i unlock it, my battery died twice, I've had my brakes done twice, new oil, and fluids, my windshield wiper fluid doesn't come out. It's nothing special, and shouldn't have this many problems considering I bought it from an eighty year old woman who used to to drive to church. Waste of my money and time.

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Comfortable and Quiet

Matt, 09/16/2006
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I bought this car brand new in '96 with the 4-cyl. engine. It has never stranded us though it has had some major problems. They include eating three head gaskets and bad rusting near the trunk/rear end. There are two baseball sized holes at each rear wheel well into the trunk. and while it has not been a real problem, the fuel pump whirrs loudly, enough for the passengers to always ask "whats that sound?". Otherwise it has a great ride and comfortable seats, which makes up for the lackluster acceleration and performance. This car has developed more and more rattles and squeaks from the dash. I guess it's not TOO bad for an American car with high mileage and not garaged for its whole life.

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Great First Car

Bamboo, 09/19/2006
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This is simply an A to B car and nothing more. The car's quality is sub par compared to other vehicles of the era. It does offer a great first vehicle platform. It's large, cheap, handles the winter well, but gets mediocre gas mileage. There is also plenty of cargo space.

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Cheap and dependable

it's paid for, 03/22/2007
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Yes, this car is about as much fun as watching molasses run uphill, in January. But it is bullet proof mechanically, and gets me from point A to B without fail. The V-6 never missed a beat, and after 168k miles, still refused to use a drop of oil. HVAC is one of the better features.

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A Great Car From GM!

Fantastic Doug, 10/16/2010
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This car came with the standard 3.1 Liter V6 Engine,AC,ABS brakes,and automatic transmission. It is the perfect car for driving around town. I bought the car new and have over 135,000 miles on it. It still drives like a new car with excellent gas mileage.The only thing not working is cruise control, and I don't care because most of my driving is in stop and go city traffic. I've had to replace the battery several times and the "service engine soon" light stays on all the time. A mechanic told me the light is a problem in the car's computer system-nothing is wrong with the car. I really enjoy this car and intend to keep it for many years to come!

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overall rating on 1996 olds ciera

Gambler59, 11/11/2003
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Very high performance up until this year. Now I am trading my Olds only because mechanically unsound. But I have gotten good performance up till now.

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reliability and comfort

crom, 11/22/2003
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Proper maintainance keeps the olds runnning. i have never experience breakdowns on the road.had 173,000 miles and it still running good.

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