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Whats with all the whining?

Tbird-eclipse, 05/18/2010
GS-T Turbo 2dr Convertible
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There are a lot of whiny people on here, it's 13 years old people. This is a great car. Mine has 129,000 miles and has giving me NO ISSUES at all expect for water pump, that's it. Very fast, very sporty, incredible gas mileage for the power and lets out, and a beautiful design that still looks great compared with other ugly bubble but cars today. Glad I bought it, it turns heads everywhere I go and have had many random strangers tell me they want my car. The only other car that competes and I would buy would be a 1993-1995 Ford Thunderbird Sports Coupe but it doesn't come as a convertible so would have to convert it which I'm considering doing.

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ESPVIK, 04/04/2009
GS-T Turbo 2dr Convertible
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This thing rocks and always will. I have put some money into it, but it is all for speed, so many mods, not enough time. This thing is the best - by far the greatest car ever owned.

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NO more wet roofs!

oceangirl, 04/02/2008
GS-T Turbo 2dr Convertible
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Hi everyone, Wanna know how to stop the leaks? go to Walmart, in the camping section there is waterproofer, it cost 4 has an orange top on the can...spray your car two more driving in the rain.... The car rocks!

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I wanted, I got, I'm selling

BGD82, 11/04/2004
GS-T Turbo 2dr Convertible
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I've put about 40,000 miles since I bought my Eclipse Spyder GS-T used with 113,000 miles in 06/03. In the last year and a half, I've had to replace the passenger window track twice (it's broken again, haven't yet fixed it), had about 3 or 4 check engine light occurrences, a horrible problem with thick blue smoke from the tailpipe while idling, horribly- rattling doors, a roof that badly leaks through the back window and the A-pillars, a radio that's never worked (CD player & changer in trunk work fine), and an antenna that won't go all the way down. I shouldn't have bought a car with so many miles, but I wanted one badly at the time. Now, I'm trying to sell it.

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tommy7811, 08/18/2003
GS-T Turbo 2dr Convertible
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I have owned this car less than a year. In that time I had to replace the engine, turbo, struts, and numerous other problems. It has spent more time in the shop than on the road. The top leaks, it's noisy, and has a poor ride. This car is junk! I puchased it with 64K miles. Just traded it in for a new Accord. PLEASE AVOID IT! I have spent over six thousand on repairs for a $8500 car! JUNK JUNK JUNK! Be aware!

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