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Partners for 25 years - longer than most marriages

XR7_Lover, 03/25/2018
XR7 2dr Coupe
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My greatest complaint the entire time we have been together is the lack of drink holders! It seems a small thing, until you goose her and there goes your drink into the passenger's lap! I love my car and it breaks my heart beyond words to have to part with her. We know each other; I know and appreciate her turning radius (about the size of an old Mercury dime!), I know she would rather be on the highway than in the city. She has NEVER EVER failed to start. NEVER. EVER. In 25 years! That's why I listed RELIABILITY at five stars. I listed the SAFETY at four stars because this was the last year they made this package (XR7) and in 1994 they started putting airbags and antilock brakes in vehicles. I should probably rate the TECH lower than four stars, but it's not her fault she doesn't have GPS, etc.! It wasn't her time. Adjustable driver seat and steering wheel; automatic shoulder seat belt for front seats ... have never seen that in another car. There are a few small cosmetic things inside, but overall she still looks great. She's all red. Inside and out. And on a sunny day, you have never seen so much red in one place in your life! She needs a paint job (aerodynamics on the hood has worn paint off center front); only now is the clear coat coming off the trunk lid. She's such a good girl ... She does pretty good with the fuel, even now. About 250 miles on a tank full, including city and highway. 18 gallon tank. New fuel pump January 2017 and she has not run right since then, and I believe it has affected the fuel mileage. She's all I have ever known ... I have really high standards for any new vehicle! Nothing will ever compare :(

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93 Cougar

doc434, 11/11/2002
XR7 2dr Coupe
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In its price range there is no competition. Comfort, ride and performance have all been great. Purchased the 93 after experience with a 90 which I bought 2 years ago. My family now has 3 cougars, all over 100K miles.

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Great Little Cougar

P. Frane, 08/22/2009
XR7 2dr Coupe
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I purchased this car used at 4 years old. Drives like a dream in the summer, bad in winter for slipping around! Only have had 2 major repairs and 1 minor repair since I've owned the car in 12 years; as others have stated, it blew the head gaskets (after the recall expired), a window motor on the driver side door failed, and the air conditioner failed. Paint has deteriorated after 16 years but the Cougar has been a great little classy ride. I'm just getting ready to trade now.

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1993 cougar XR7

john h, 04/05/2009
XR7 2dr Coupe
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i bought this car in 2002 with 92,000 miles, one owner garaged very clean. i put new shocks,struts, lower control arms bushings, strut mounts, flushed trans. 40,000 miles later the heads went out. $1100 later back on the road .the water pump was leaking at 165,000 miles . easy fix . the odometer stoped 10/20/2007 with 215,000 miles . car runs good. i drive it every day to keep miles off my 06 gto.

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Terrible Build

NatG83, 11/04/2009
XR7 2dr Coupe
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Had 3.8L V6 Auto. The car was used when I got it. Cheap interior components, but nice leather seats. Alot of squeaks and rattles. Lots of body roll and little stability in turns. The engine would have been at home in a compact, but it felt like a dog was pulling this car. Mileage was okay for the size of the machine. Poor radio quality. There were no electrical issues. Terrible in snow. I remember driving this 1993 Cougar and thinking of my Dad's 1994 Sable. The Sable had the same motor and trans, but felt much quicker. The Sable had a nicer dashboard, roof liner, A,B, and C pillar covering. The Sable road much more smoothly. The FWD in the Sable made it a much better candidate in the snow.

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