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BC, 01/20/2010
Touring 2dr Convertible (2.0L 4cyl 6A)
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I bought this vehicle to drive both for fun and back and forth to work, and it is truly what I expected. It even loads my golf clubs in the trunk! The only real complaint I have is that somehow it could have a spare tire. I just feel real uneasy going out of town far without a spare, even though they do give you an air pump and sealit material. Overall, I definitely recommend this car and would buy one again sometime once i wear this one out, if that is possible.

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2009 MX5 - Driven 40k in the last 1 1/2

saintaug1, 08/03/2013
Sport 2dr Convertible (2.0L 4cyl 5M)
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Researched a bunch of different roasters. Drove the 350Z, Boxers, S2000 and bought a 2009 with 7k on it. A compelling factor was the PRHT which works perfectly. I just sold my Triumph motorcyce (much to my wife's delight) and I tell you, this little car is ALMOST as fun to drive. I did do a 180 spin in rain, so be cautious in wet conditions. I too would love to have about 50 more hp but you have to know how to squeeze the power out of it, mainly by shifting at higher rpms. I think the build quality is better than a couple used boxers I drove...really tight. The Honda S2000 used car prices were I think, over priced, the BMW I would hate to have to repair, as would be the Boxer. Fun!

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Keeps getting better and better

ZoomZoom, 07/05/2009
Grand Touring 2dr Convertible w/Power Hard Top (2.0L 4cyl 6M)
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I drove an '09 on a whim, didn't think I'd buy as I loved my 07 Grand Touring PRHT. I was wrong. As soon as I took the test drive I could tell the seemingly minor changes had made a great car even, well, greater. Red line is up to 7200, so less hitting the rev limiter when winding it out. Engine and tranny just seem stronger and smoother, although the published numbers are basically unchanged. 6M shifts seem even tighter and shorter if that's possible. Must have been exhaust tweaks because it sounds even better. Interior also seems roomier, the door cup holder has been redesigned and no longer protrudes into your leg. Love that! Traded my 07 on the spot and drove the 09 home.

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Duel N Fun

KPD, 07/28/2010
Grand Touring 2dr Convertible w/Power Hard Top (2.0L 4cyl 6M)
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We have our MX5 8 months and it has been a blast. The little lady fell in love with it. While it's NO Corvette(we have a ZO6, also) in the power dept., it's just fun to zip around in. Just extremely well engineered and designed. However, I don't know why the 6th gear runs at such a high RPM, kills the mpg. And yes another inch or two of leg room would be great (I'm 6'2") but this is livable. We just love the pwht. When up, it fits the design and when down there's still a trunk. And the shift pattern (6M) is a delight and more fun than our Vette. Well maybe they're equal. We would strongly recommend the MX5 with the power hard top. It's dueling in the fun, top up or down.

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MX-5 Happy

Canadian Car, 08/23/2010
Sport 2dr Convertible w/Power Hard Top (2.0L 4cyl 5M)
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This is my second MX-5. I had a 2002 and traded it in in 2006 for a BMW 3 series sedan. I missed it so much, I bought a black Sport with PRHT. I love this car and can't get into it without smiling. It is fun to drive and to cruise the back roads as well as a daily commuter. The greatest improvements since 2002 is that this feels faster, less noisy with the top down and I do not miss having to put on that vinyl roof cover. It still drives like a go kart and handles like a dream. I took it to Stowe Vermont and it was great going through the Mountains with my 6 speed. To misquote Jeremy Clarkson, "The reason I gave this car 10 stars is because i could not give it fourteen."

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