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mazda 6 good but lowsy interior

dead_catz, 12/02/2013
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First car, First of all it drove great and is fun to drive, i put a Cold air and magnaflow on her (2.3) sounded beautiful but the interior was a peice of trash, the LCD notoriously on mazda 6 went out great cool 150 bucks to replace... the mapbox above the radio sucked and the lid broke the 6 disc cd changer cds no longer cycle well... overall 90k miles no problems except for the trashy interior

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Contessa Baird, 03/29/2015
i Sport 4dr Hatchback (2.3L 4cyl 5M)
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This car has been a lot of fun for me, but I feel it is not fully insulated and creates a lot of background noise.

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Something different in this segment

byronape, 10/05/2012
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I was searching for a mid-size car with decent power, nice looking, and a V6-MTX combo to replace my aged Maxima. The 6 fit the bill, and since it's made in Michigan, I could keep my Ford retiree FIL happy. It had a little over 80k when it bought it, and had a few minor issues that I have yet to deal with. Almost a year after buying it, I'm still pleased with the way the car drives and handles. The factory Bose system was terrible, so I swapped the speakers for aftermarket... fyi you need to swap the amp too or it will sound worse. Power isn't fantastic, but sufficient for keeping things interesting. Looks nice and with the leather and sunroof, it feels like a more expensive car.

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The cats got my tounge...

Matt, 10/05/2016
s Sport 4dr Hatchback (3.0L 6cyl 5M)
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Bought the car used from a dealership in Dawsonville, GA. Tried to research as much as I could and found some issues with the 6's, but over all not too bad. Boy was I wrong... I guess I gauged too much off of the '07 Mazda 3 that my wife and I bought our daughter for graduating high school. We bought it in 2012 and have had no issues with it. I guess it's because it has the 2.3L 4 cylinder engine in it.. Well, back to my 6. It came with a new engine that was supposed to have a 3yr/36,000 warranty on it. Around May, the car started throwing codes and found out that the "Bank 2 was beyond threshold". My rear pre-catalytic converter was going bad. OK. I find out that the car has 4 catalytic converters on it. 2 pre-cats that hang directly off the manifolds and 2 past the Y-pipe. The cost to replace just one was going to be over $1000. I find out on a Mazda 6 forum, that the pre-cats cause premature engine failure. A bad design by Mazda. The material inside the pre-cats disintegrates and gets sucked back up into the engine by the EGR and scars the cylinder walls and blows the seals. Since my engine had been installed in October 2015, I figured I could get the issue fixed before anything happened. The best fix was to replace the manifold/pre-cat exhaust with an MSDS header set which deleted all of the problem areas. They were a bit of a headache, but I installed them with a friend in 2 days and the car seems to run ok. One month later, I start getting sluggish takeoffs and white smoke from the exhaust. Take it to a shop and I get told that I need a new engine. I talk to the company that the engine was purchased through and they have me call the company that had rebuilt it. Talking with the rep, I come to find out that this was the 2nd rebuilt engine that had been put in the car. The first was in August and it had the same symptoms. The rep asked it the cats had been replaced before I bought it and I said no and that I just replaced the whole exhaust in May. That they looked like the same ones that were originally installed on the car. I was told that they wouldn't be able to honor the warranty because the previous owner (the dealership) said that they had been changed before. When they got the previous rebuilt engine returned, they did an inspection and found glazing and scarring on the cylinders and cylinder walls consistent with debris from the pre-cats. They said they had pictures to show the damage, which they sent me so that I could open a BBB case against the dealership because they new the results days before selling the car to me. I wound up buying a new rebuilt engine for $2400 and the labor charge was $1000 and the car, which I have dubbed "Killer", is on engine number 4... Pray for me...

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Anyone Else Experiencing Electrical Issues??

jayl2, 01/11/2012
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Purchased the car used from a dealer in January 2008. Within 6 months, started to notice issues with the clock not lighting up. This ultimately progressed to the entire dash not lighting up, or flickering. Now, the radio turns on and off by itself, and is a real nuisance when driving. I was told by the dealer that to correct this problem it will be over $1000. Needless to say, I don't have the money now to do this. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Was there ever a recall on this issue? I couldn't find one. Other than forking over $1000 to get this issue corrected, what has anyone else done to remedy the situation?

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