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1996 Lincoln Town Car Cartier

Scott, 10/19/2010
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My grandparents bought this car brand new as soon as it showed up at the dealer. I think the original list price was $47,000. My grandpa has since died, and in 2005, my grandma didn't feel safe driving anymore at the age of 88. She loved that car and wanted to keep it in the family, so she gave it to me, knowing I'd take the absolute best care of it. It had 31000 miles when she gave it to me. This is the most luxurious car Ford ever built. Has been very reliable, but when things have to be replaced, it's very costly for parts. It now has 102,000 miles and still drives like a dream. I never cared for the newer body style that started in '98 or '99. I'm very grateful to own such a classic car.

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Just keep rollin'

kriegar, 03/28/2011
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This is my 4th or 5th Town Car, and my second one in this body style/engine configuration. These are solid, dependable, and well appointed vehicles. What little gas money you might save in a lesser car is more than well compensated by the lower long term ownership and insurance costs. They have everything, and they don't break a lot...and no payments! This car provides a comfortable and quiet ride, (reasonable) power(it's NOT an LT1), and reasonable gas mileage. The pollution control system is not so invasive that you cannot touch the car without having it become a problem, and the traditional styling and build are a plus for maintenance and/or modification.

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Best value ever

marh42, 09/20/2011
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I bought this car Feb 1st for $450.00. One service and a window regulator is the ONLY money I have spent. Has 234,000 miles, acts like most 50,000 mile cars I have been in.

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1996 Lincoln Town Car Signature

sig96tc, 01/23/2011
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Purchased in 03 with 52K, now has 265,000 miles. Engine has never had the valve covers removed. I have no plans of getting rid of her. These cars are cheap to maintain with plenty of original parts on ebay etc.. Obviously I have taken care of it.

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1996 75th Anniversary

Jean Desrosiers, 02/05/2016
Signature 4dr Sedan
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This automobile is a true classic. The exterior is in very good shape, the color silver is classic. The interior is luxurious leather and silver. All this is because it is the 75th silver anniversary edition. It has low mileage. It has very little to no wear. It has all the options available includes the cell phone.

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From an Escort to a Lincoln

G. Gill, 02/05/2009
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I drove a Ford Escort for 13yrs. to an from work, 60 miles a day. Loved the fuel economy, but not the ride or getting around in the snow. After 350,000 miles I found a 1996 Lincoln TC, with 102,000 miles on it for $4,000.00. WOW! I love driving to work! What a ride, with 21mpg! Built like a tank! Some mechanical issues...intake manifold[ Ford service bulletin]...lower contol arm/ball joint assembly broke in the middle of a J.C.Penney pkng. lot..that was fun! Wife has 1998 Lincoln TC, first year of the new body style and it ain't built no where near as good as my 1996.Smaller interior, very high maintenance and ugly! Find an 1990's Lincoln in good shape you won't be sorry!

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Presidential Series

P. Hruz, 04/27/2009
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My car was priced around $53,000 when it was new in 1996; I bought it used with 20,500 miles on it. I paid $28,000 with financing for 4 years. I absolutely love my car!!! When I saw it on the lot, and then looked in side, it was love at first sight. I've never regretted buying it. My Lincoln has 122,000 miles on it and I had planned to get another 200,000 more before buying a new one. Yesterday, my husband was backing it up to put it in the garage and backed into a tree. Although it dented the side a little, and scratched it A LOT, I would rather get it repaired than to go buy a new one. Needless to say, I don't feel I can ever replace it. Once you've driven a Linc. Town Car, no compareisons

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Supremely refined, but boring to drive.

Ethan Hawksley, 01/06/2003
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It's comfortable, quiet, and very refined, but it also has some aggravating flaws. My biggest gripe is that the OHC 4.6 engine's torque output is barely adequate. As a result, the car is devoid of any spirit whatsoever and downright BORING to drive. Second, I've had a tie rod end and upper ball joint both fail within the last two months because Ford used "sealed for death" parts in the steering linkage. Lastly, the rear end feels light at high speeds, like it's going to break loose any second. I don't horse my Lincoln around like it's a Corvette, but a luxury car SHOULD handle in a reasonably controlled manner when pressed a little harder than normal.

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96 Cartier Town Car is the ****!

Mike Kahl, 06/07/2005
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This car IS the MOST comfortable automobile on the Rules!! Even my brother couldn't believe how comfy it was. The air suspention is king too, thats what gives this car the ride, when u have to replace the air suspention, DO NOT go to springs, pay the money for the air bags!!!! My car now has 213,000 miles on it and still goes everyday! If ur concidering buying one of these cars, just do it, you won't be sorry. I have converted 2 friends to the Town Car so far!!! Once you have one, you never go back to anything else

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My Most Comfortable Car

Lisa, 06/09/2007
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Bought the car with only 24K on it. Didn't need front brakes until 85K, rear brakes at 130K (lots of highway miles in my business). This was the best designed car for comfort and ease of driving that I have ever owned. Everything can be adjusted to wherever you want it for all circumstances by whomever was driving. Being a somewhat small woman, I particularly appreciated being able to position the driver's seat so I had ultimate visibility yet all operational controls were still readily at hand, even the cup holders and ashtray. Other than routine maintenance, repairs weren't needed until 135K. Last 15K saw rear air springs and compressor, fuel filter, external brake lines,etc. Great car!

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