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Best car ever

LoveMKT, 07/27/2010
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This is my first Lincoln and I LOVE this car! I've owned 6 or 8 Mercedes, several Volvos, Cadillac, Chrysler and about everything in between. I traded in a 2010 Lexus RX350 with 2475 miles on it. I HATED that car! It's a new redesign and it's a joke. This Lincoln is turning out to be the best car I've ever owned. I can't say enough good about it. I special ordered and got the standard engine on purpose after trying out both. It has plenty of power and I've seen 27 mpg on the highway at 70 mph. It will always be around 25 or better.

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Love this Vehicle

HemiFan, 10/28/2010
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Got everything on it except, parallel parking. Self adjusting cruise control is amazing, so the the navigation system. Front brakes were replaced at 7500 miles, because of scratching sound. They will do it for free. Aside from that this car handles and performs with ease. Three hour trips are a breeze.

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Edmunds is Way Off Base!

FoMoCoBob, 10/23/2010
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Have about 6500 miles on the MKT - vehicle is awesome! Styling definitely stands out-not another blah Lexus look-a-like. Performance kicks u- no-what! Lincoln definitely slammed one out of the park with this one. Style, comfort, performance, utility, technology, economy - it's all there - the total package! And guess what I forgot to mention - quality - from an American company - you already know it! If you buy from someone else, you truly are non-American. There is nothing the Asian 3 can offer that surpasses this vehicle.

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Has it All

MrBio, 06/22/2010
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The unique styling is head-turning. The ride, performance, and quality are evident from the first drive. I compared the MKT to Acura MDX, BMW X5, Buick Enclave, and Audi Q7. This is the only car with: heated AND cooled front AND 2nd row seats; Power fold 2nd AND 3rd row seats; easy entry and exit. The fridge/freezer between the 2nd row captain chairs is great. Blind spot and cross traffic alert, Voice everything-from climate, radio, weather, to Nav., adaptive cruise control, auto parallel park are all excellent features that work very well. Thanks Lincoln for making a car that does not look like any other car out there. I want to be noticed as out of the ordinary.

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Lincoln MKT

tomg6335, 10/06/2010
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This is really a great car. I have over 9000 miles on my MKT and it's surpassed all my expectations. Who ever said this is a Ford Flex is pretty stupid. Its like saying a Camry comparable a Lexus ES350. The interior is first class the ride is smooth and quiet and most of all fun to drive. The hardware is top shelf and the interior up there with any BMW or Mercedes. Fuel economy is also very good for a car this size. I'm averaging about 19 mpg city/highway.

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Still ticking

CH Stoltz, 03/07/2019
4dr Wagon AWD w/EcoBoost (3.5L 6cyl Turbo 6A)
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Very solid vehicle. Comfy family of six ride. Over 200 thousand miles with no major repairs. Teenagers are becoming too tall for the third row seats. They will be driving soon so no big deal.

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Very Happy With my Choice

MKTHappyOwner, 12/20/2009
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We looked at the Q7, XC-90, MDX, Enclave and the MKT. The closest equal was the Q7 and I'm happy to say the MKT is a much better car. The Eco boost engine is the way to go. Almost 100 HP more than the Q7 and still better mileage than that car. Interior space is much better with the MKT. The Sync system is top notch. The ability to plug my IPod into the USB and control it via the touch screen is great. THX sound system is off the charts. Sync/Nav/Voice Recognition etc. is very well thought out and the level of integration is impressive. I went into this purchase heavily leaning to the Q7. After I drove the MKT, it was an easy decision. Very happy to buy American over the Audi.

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Could Be Better

SkyKing, 08/24/2010
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The comfort and driving experience of this car is the equal of a Mercedes, Lexus or Infinity. That's saying a lot for a Ford. It drives like a dream. Power and handling are exceptional. The backup camera is outstanding, although it takes about 10-15 seconds for it to come on after startup - not so good. Sound system is likewise exceptional, but it is complex to operate the Sync feature. I get errors when it connects to my iPhone, then it begins playing from my iPhone without my command, thus draining the iPhone battery. The Nav system is likewise needlessly complex, taking a half-dozen slow steps to do what my 2003 Acura could do with one spoken voice command.

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Merry MKTmas

Ozzie, 12/23/2009
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I just drove this home from Disney with the family loaded to the gills with suitcases. I traded in a 2008 Mazda CX-9. My family found it comfy and very quiet. This is the most solid feeling American vehicle I have ever purchased. For its size and heft the handling is excellent. Seats are spectacular and firmer than the mushy Flex. My girls are 64-65 inches tall and their heads don't hit the roof in the the 3rd row seats. Those large of torso will not do well in back. I was planning on getting a Flex, but after driving this I thought it was worth the difference. We own a Benz R320 and this feels the same if not better. We got 21 MPG highway which is good for size and load. Love the look.

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awesome car

sally, 01/15/2010
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I love this car, could not ask for anything better. Has alot of power, I bought the ecoboost engine and the acceleration is great... I like to haul alot of antiques, so having the option to fold down the rear seats gives me alot of cargo space.

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