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Bring on a Mark 10

Derek, 08/22/2006
2dr Coupe
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Car has 158,000 miles now. Engine still runs strong-car passes at will. Fuel economy in the city isn't great but will get 26mpg on the highway cruising at 80 mph with the climate control on maximum air. Sleek, fast and fun car to drive-especially on road trips. Transmission was rebuilt after 12 years with 130,000 miles. Front struts replaced at 115,000. A couple of batteries and a few sets of tires over the years but overall a very reliable car. Car is a 1993, with pearesant paint and every option available for the year. I may get another car one day but this one will never be sold or traded in my life time

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10 Good Years

Jim Bell, 12/29/2008
2dr Coupe
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This car was purchased with 46k miles. I needed a good interstate cruiser to go out of state 400 miles each way on weekends. The Mark 8 performs well to this day. It is my opinion that this particular car is the closest that the Americans have come to Mercedes Benz in all catagories except cost. The Mark 8 stickered for about 42K. The fact that you can pick up a well maintained one for about 5K makes it one of the best deals around. Special features are aluminum components in the rear suspension and a composite hood to reduce weight.

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Great Car !!

cyoulater, 03/26/2013
2dr Coupe
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Owned a 1972 Mark IV "Junk".. Later a Mark VII "Great !".. And then finally.. The Mark VIII .. And.. Here is my assement of the Mark VIII.. The Mark 8 is better than the 7 in every way except...... 3 Critical areas... Not sure how Lincoln Managed to do this.. But.. They did.. The Mark 7 has better seats, better headlights, and better Computer. The seats are the sad part since the Mark 8 handles better and the seats are not as good.. The Mark 7 has awesome seats !! The Mark 8 starting in 1997 also has better seats.. But... For the first 3 years of the Mark 8.. Well.. You can not see well at night and the computer functions are less, and the seats will not hold you in place .

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Not the best

jason, 07/30/2009
2dr Coupe
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This vehicle I would classify as OK. Mileage is good for large car. Good power. Lots of mechanical issues though. Mine has 125K actual miles on it now. Air ride is junk and was replaced with aftermarket coil over system. Headlights are useless as a candle in a hurricane. AC needs recharging every 6 months. Lots of front suspension issues. Brakes stink for this heavy of a car. Had a '96 mark at one time and it was first with the HID headlights and one burned out after warranty and it cost me over $800 to replace it. Best thing ford did was put this car to rest.

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Greatest Car

greg_2575489, 04/13/2002
2dr Coupe
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The Lincoln Mark VIII has been the greatest vehicle I have ever owned. This is the third Mark I have owned. The first one was totaled in a head on accident with 2000 Ford F150. The doors and interior was still in perfect condition. Both vehicles were traveling at 70 mph upon impact. My wife and two daughters, 1 & 3 were in the vehicle and was not injured at all. Wife sustained a burn from the airbag and the other driver had 2 broken legs, broken wrist, and head injuries. This vehicle is the safest car in my opinion. The Mark is the greatest car to drive and gets about 28 mpg.

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