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7 years and counting

CAH, 02/21/2019
V8 4dr SUV 4WD (5.0L 8cyl 6A)
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I purchased this one-owner certified LR4 with 27k miles on it. I had looked at it and driven it multiple times but couldn't pull the trigger because I was afraid of its reliability. Finally, I took a trip to New Orleans and saw a bunch of LRs and took it as a sign. Now, seven years later I still have my LR4 and it has been the best and most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. I still find excuses to go and drive it. It is fast, smooth, uber comfortable and there's space for 7 adults or lots of cargo. The generous door entry space and ability to raise and lower have been key in transporting my father anywhere he wishes to go. The turning radius is amazing and in our sometimes brutal Midwest winters, I feel safe and secure. Maintenance is expensive (tires, brakes mostly) as is the premium gas but worth it to keep it in tip top shape so I can own it for another 6 years. I rarely see another one where I live but when I do, stop and stare - I think it's still a gorgeous ride.

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2011 LR4 HSE

red_rover, 05/14/2011
V8 4dr SUV 4WD (5.0L 8cyl 6A)
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After years of debate, I finally bought one of these things despite the warnings of high costs, poor mileage, and electrical problems. Now I have an LR4 and am experiencing high costs, poor gas mileage, and electrical problems. That said, I love this truck. On-road it is elegant and well-behaved; Off-road it is unstoppable. However, the LR4 is not for everyone. It should be a purchase based on emotion, as it is primarily an off-road truck that happens to drive quite well on the road. If you think you'll like it - you'll love it. If you're worried about cost or reliability, or if you never go off-road, then you may want to consider something else. But then again, life is too short!

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An Automobile with a Custom Fit

bjlondon, 09/15/2011
V8 4dr SUV 4WD (5.0L 8cyl 6A)
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This is the fifth Land Rover we have purchased. The previous four Land Rover's were purchased with my husband as the intended primary driver, and then subsequently passed on to me as we replaced them with newer models. This is the first LR purchased primarily for me--a petite woman. I feel as if this vehicle was custom-designed for me. It is absolutely the most comfortable auto I've ever driven. Everything w/in the cockpit is at my fingertips. The body is compact and easy to maneuver and control. Despite having the controls close at hand, this is an extremely roomy automobile. You would be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable or luxurious ride in a more expensive luxury car.

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6 Month Report

tanker6, 05/26/2011
V8 4dr SUV 4WD (5.0L 8cyl 6A)
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I had been looking to replace a 2001 Toyota Landcruiser with a new one. The Toyota dealer said he did not have one but if he did, it would have been $75,000. So here I am with a 2011 LR4. 6,000 miles/6 months and I could not be happier. No issues to date. Very fast, comfortable and well designed. 22 mpg on the highway 15 mpg in town. Extremely competent off-road, and I am off road a lot. Also great on road. Smaller than the Landcruiser but every bit as functional.

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Far and away better than the competition

safari_tested, 02/16/2011
V8 4dr SUV 4WD (5.0L 8cyl 6A)
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I have owned seven Hondas, a BMW, a Ford a Chevy and three Olds before I tried Land Rovers and Jags. Despite the scare tactics which seem to abound even on reputable review sites I have nothing but praise for my Land Rovers (Dicsovery2, LR3 and now a LR4) along with my Jaguars (an XJL and my current XJ VDP). Where does EPA get these MPG figures? My Hondas NEVER got the predicted MPGS always falling a few miles below the hopeful predictions, yet my LR4 (and LR3) get a full 2 MPG higher than those on the EPA sticker! Reliability in the first weeks through 2,600 miles has been perfect, not a single flaw. My previous new cars from other manufacturers never accomplished that.

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