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Before you buy, how handy are you?

Adam, 11/06/2015
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I've been reading a lot of the poor ratings, and I get that you've had bad experiences with the Discovery 2. They can be fussy, but for very specific reasons. Let me explain, and perhaps this will help prospective buyers. Land Rover Disovery Series II is a one of a kind car. You just can't find cars that do what they do anymore. We looked at purchasing new SUV's, and you'd end up spending 80K vs 4K for a disco to find a car capable of what the disco is. IMHO, they were bough for soccer moms in the late 90's and early 2000's. They are not japanese cars. They need attention. They need a lot of attention. It's when you ignore things that sound wrong, or don't pay attention to rattles or leaks that they go do hell. Rather than paying a car note of 600 bucks a month to a bank, we decided to pay a good mechanic a third of that to keep our Disco alive and safe and have some gas money. It works out. Assume to pay 3-4K per year in upkeep. That's just used car 101. Don't subscribe to "It's a land rover thing" when stuff breaks. All used cars break if not attended too. Rubber deteriorates, parts go bad, you just need to have a budget for it. Common issues with the Disco: 1: ABS - It's a well documented issue and you can fix it for 5 bucks and a half an hour, if you know what you're doing assuming all sensors are ok. The ABS module has a short, which can be fixed or bypassed with some knowledge. You can find all the info on land rover forums. 2: A/C Parts can go bad, but the main thing is that the fuse box can get corrosion, and there's on bad solder point. again, some knowledge and you can get this fixed in 1/2 an hour for 10 bucks. Simple stuff, and well documented. 3: leaks - The head gasket is the big one. It goes bad. Most have been replaced by 2015. I just had mine done a second time. I don't think the original replacement was done right, but we drive ours everywhere, so who knows. Rubber goes bad. Most of the seals should be replaced within 15 years anyway. Again, not a japanese car. Land rovers are technically somewhat complex in that the have many computers and sensors to manage everything. But, electrical issues are fairly easy to diagnose with a multimeter. You have to have some knowhow or interest in learning. Those electrical issues are the expensive ones because you typically have to go to the dealer to get a good reading, and they will overcharge. If you can learn the layout, you'll save thousands over time. Here's the thing... now, cars are completely controlled by even more complex computers. You're always going to have this hurdle unless you're driving a car from the 70's/80s. MOST IMPORTANT THING : If you're handy, it's fun because it's simple enough that you can fix these cars yourself with some time and interest. If you just want a car to go from point a to point b . .. you should get a Hyundai.

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Like nothing else, blows asian and domestic cars away

mwahlgren7, 08/12/2012
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People will claim that the discovery was the worst car ever because a light came on the dashboard, or that brakes had to be replaced. Many of the things that could go wrong with a discovery have to do with the driver's negligence or driving style. I have taken care of my disco and she has taken care of me. Driving position and view like no other vehicle, fantastic in the snow, and looks good to boot. Dual sunroofs still entertain me to this day and the sound system is really nice. Aside from a plastic t piece in the cooling system braking, nothing has gone wrong. Feels utterly solid when driving, very heavy and reassuring. Makes my dad's tacoma feel like a dishwasher.

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BEST VALUE on the market!! Thanks!

SUVLOVER, 11/23/2006
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I just love this car. The design is perfect, and the interior is a dream with the suede leather doors, dual sunroofs etc. B/c of the negative posters on this board, I used this as a big bargaining chip to get my SUV for only $8,000! My LRII is in fantastic condition with the 18" rims and and all. I used to have a $80,000 G500, and frankly, my DRII is just about the same! So again, THANK YOU to all the negative posters! Anybody who complains about Gas Mileage should be a stand up comedian! Also, anybody who takes these cars to dealerships to get them services are ASKING to be stolen from. Come on guys, go find an honest mechanic. They charge HALF the labor. Do NOT get ripped off!

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A Matter of Perspective

tannert, 07/12/2014
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Our 2000 Discovery was purchased used from a man who did not take good car of it, and was not truthful of it's previous life, so it's been rough going. Nice easy to clean leather with comfortable seats. The second row is nice. You can carry adults, but not fitting for long car rides. and their knees will be rubbing a little bit. The third row can seat children.

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Isn't it funny...

Rover Guy, 12/06/2006
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Isn't is funny how people buy a used truck and then complain that it breaks? When maintained properly, these are phenomenal vehicles. It didn't stop being a premier upscale vehicle when you bought it cheap and used, so the maintenance requirements are still that of an expensive European vehicle. Buy one without records and you're rolling the dice. As for me, I have a 2000, 2002, and two 2004 Discos and none have ever broken down. Sure, they have had little problems like any car- broken door lock, wiper motor. Big deal- if you can't afford to maintain a car properly, don't get it.

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