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2002 Hyundai Santa Fe LX 4WD V6

E Dawes, 09/02/2006
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This has been a very satisfactory car for me. The features are excellent for the price. It is a bit underpowered for the weight of the vehicle, but Hyundai has corrected that in newer models. The only failure in 5 years has been the interior clock for which a replacement doesn't seem to be available. I am considering purchasing another Santa Fe when I replace my present car.

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Best car ive owned, too !

david300, 12/30/2012
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I bought my 2002 SantaFe in that year brand new. Its been very reliable and ive babied the car on doing maintenance which i do myself. It routinely gets a combined 21 MPG with 23 on the Highway at 70 mph. It is very peppy and in fact, the front tires will spin from a start if you take off real quick. I upgraded the crummy LongTrail Tires to Michelin LX Tires and went from 225's to 245's -- the extra width makes it handle superbly and they dont rub on anything. The Factory radio / tape/ cd player went out at 75,000 miles so i went with a new Pioneer from BestBuy. Other than that, i had a Temperature Sensor go out around 80,000 miles...and thats been it for failures. Its been good.

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Best vehicle I have ever owned

bert, 08/03/2010
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Everyone in the deerwoods lauged at me when I left camp to buy my wife this veh. But now 3 of them have one also, yes it's an 02 and finally were waiting for the 2011's I'm 100% sure I will buy another, the only problem we had with ours was a tail light going out, it was fixed 4 yrs ago and now it has 80,000 miles and she wants another so spring we will, I will not even look at another brand, a bad taillight in 9 yrs. Why would I, by far the very best I have ever owned, I'm 50 and I look for comfort when I travel with my wife, just got back from a trip to padre island and round trip was 1802 miles long and I was fine the whole trip, I hope this will help

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Good Truck

Adman, 02/26/2009
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Purchased used @ 96k. Towing capacity is awful. Can pull a 13ft Boler travel trailer. Had continuous problem with rear brakes overheating. New calipers fixed it. Transmission cooler and power steering lines both rusted through @ 220k. Replaced tires 190k, Tie rods 215k, timing belt 190k, alternator 150k, crank sensor 120k. Malfunctions of rear wiper, drivers seat belt latch, passenger power lock, screws in driver window shook lose and window fell out. Currently it needs new shocks, and the diff. seal leaks. Other than that it still has lots of life, looks great and has 251,000k on it. I'd have to say after 250k that's not to bad. However, I'd like my old Safari van back. Less $ loss.

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Love my Hyundai Santa Fe BASIC 2WD Automatic

ldamboise, 01/15/2012
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I have 191,000 miles on my 2002 Santa Fe. This is by far the best, most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. Only complaint is that this vehicle has an issue with every belt. The timing belt had been replaced 2x and I often had to have other belts replaced or tightened. Failure to do so immediately resulted in a loud squeeling every time I started my car. The good thing is, nothing EXPENSIVE ever went. This car is fun to drive, GREAT Gas Mileage, and cheap to maintain. I am on the road a lot, and I love being in this car. It is so comfortable that my MANY long trips per month (ranging from 2 hours one way to 12 hours one way) are always a breeze. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS VEHICLE

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