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2003 Hyundai Accent
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Good and Cheap

clauwolf, 12/21/2002
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I bought my Hyundai Accent because of the Great price and fuel mileage and I have been so happy with it.My only complaint is a little more room.The car comes loaded,I couldn't beleave the extras that came with it for the price.Plus the car not only gets great fuelmileage but my boyfriend says its fun to drive and I agree.

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Darla is a champ!

jpedlhuber, 03/24/2010
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I've had this car for the last 5 years and hand loved every day. I nicknamed her "Darla" after taking it out to Colorado for the second time. It did great on all of those mountain roads and even handled well in the snow. I really think that driving it is very comfortable and it was well worth the money. Mine came "loaded" with A/C, a CD player, and power windows, doors, and locks. I'm only looking to sell it now because my wife doesn't want to learn how to drive stick!

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RTJ, 02/23/2004
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Great option for someone looking to get from point A to B with good reliability and mileage! Let's be honest, I have to rank this car average or below in interior/exterior design, fun to drive, performance. BUT, that is not why I bought it! Reliable, good mileage, not stunning features/performance/design, but it gets job done and very well for the price paid.

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Good Car

wenixonii, 02/27/2004
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For anyone who maybe skeptical about buying a Hyundai Accent, don't be. I have had this car a year now, very good car, excelent gas mileage and I absolutely love it. Plus to top it all off, I didn't spend 25,000 for a brand new car.

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great little fellow

mary, 12/02/2005
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I may not be able to do 0 to 60 in 10 seconds but car holds its own on highways and feels safe to drive at highway speeds. great on gas especially at $3.33 a gallon it hit last fall.

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