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Very comfortable small car that hauls heaps

Russell Betts, 03/25/2019
Sport 4dr Hatchback (1.5L 4cyl 5A)
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UPDATE: Still a great car. Edmonds contacted me and asked I update my review of the Honda Fit. We bought it new in 2010 and now in 2020 it still drives and runs as well as the day we drove it off the lot. We have put on a new set of tires over the year and of course gas and oil. Otherwise, completely trouble free. I'm 6'3" and getting in and out of this car is easy. Inside it feels big. Hard to believe it is a small car. Honda did a great job with cabin space. And it hauls heaps of stuff. The folding rear seats are really trick. The ride is sturdy and it handles well. We have the sport model. Acceleration is good enough to accelerate the on ramps to freeway speed but it is not a rocket car. At 70 mph on the freeway there is still enough to get it up to 80 mph to pass. It does not feel under powered on the freeways. I love the ergonomics: cup holders where you want them, controls easy to reach, everything with in good reach and easy to find. Best little car we have ever owned. Ten years later and not a single service issue. Very good quality car.

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High value for the price. Perfect for our needs.

ograywolf, 02/09/2011
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We wanted a roomy, high quality, low cost vehicle, and this is exactly what Honda delivered. I've owned a muscle car, a Vette and the VTEC, and I have to put this little guy up there with them for performance and handling, especially when passing. I did a cross-country trip in it, and actually slept two nights in it at rest stops. It's a small car...likely not as comfortable as our 1996 Explorer...but 14 hour days on the road worked...and the mileage clocked in at 35mpg. Like any Honda, I expect to drive this one for 800,000...and then bequeath it to my heirs in 20 years.

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colette51, 12/14/2010
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I had a head-on accident with a large truck doing 35 to 40 MPH in my 2009 Honda Fit. I came out of the accident with only bruising from the seat belts, and a cracked sternum (breastbone). The air bags worked the way they were supposed to. Family members who saw the actual damage and a friend who saw pics of the car damage are amazed I was not killed in the accident. I am now looking for another Honda Fit. I strongly recommend it for safety, as well as all other categories.

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Long term review

Jim C, 04/20/2019
Sport 4dr Hatchback (1.5L 4cyl 5A)
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I bought my 2010 Fit Sport new and now have almost 80,000 miles on it. It has required zero service other than the Takata airbag recall that hit every other manufacturer as well. Just a change of tires and brake pads at this point. I’ve read a lot of other reviews here and want to specifically address a couple of things. If you have a bad back or bad neck, no car will be comfortable for you. If you want the acceleration of a Ferrari, then buy one, not a car designed to be frugal. I am so happy with my Fit I might drive this car 200,000 to 250,000 miles. It is so well engineered for a small car that I can’t imagine finding anything better. The interior is the only place Einstein’s theory of spacetime is violated because the car truly seems bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. The seats are so well designed it feels as if the car will swallow almost anything. By taking the headrest off the front passenger seat and folding it flat as well, you can even place 8 foot long 2 x 4s diagonally in the car and close the rear hatch. I’ve thrown a tarp in the car and hauled large cacti around, and the fact the rear seats quickly fold completely flat makes it very versatile. Yep, in a strong crosswind this tall car gets blown around a little at highway speeds, but nothing compared to riding a motorcycle in the same conditions. Four adults and a child can ride with plenty of room and comfort all day, five adults could ride for a short while without much complaint. Gas mileage is very good, probably not the best of its class, but not a disappointment. I use the paddle shifters all the time and love them, both for acceleration and going down steep hills to control the speed. Fantastic visibility thanks to all the glass, and you can squeeze it into a parking space 2 feet longer than the car itself if you’re talented. Lots of cupholders. No armrest for the front passenger which I believe also happens in other Honda models. I don’t get it. Drives really well in snow and ice and will get stuck when the snow depth reaches the frame, JUST LIKE ANY AWD or 4 WHEEL DRIVE VEHICLE. The final thing to say? I’m lucky enough that I could afford to drive just about anything on the road. I’m staying with my Fit and will have many $1000s leftover to invest, take a vacation, or save for another day.

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Excellent Small Car

James, 09/16/2010
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I selected the 5-speed manual as the automatic stole too much power from the engine. The manual offers surprising performance, smooth acceleration, and is averaging a 28-30 MPG around town. Very fun to drive and has good handling for small car. It can be loud at highway speeds due to road noise and high engine RPM. No problems with front seat comfort as others mention I am 6'2". The rear magic seat is amazing. With everything folded down, the fit will swallow an unbelievable amount of cargo, surpassing many small SUVs. Audio system is excellent. Interior design is simple and functional, but does not feel cheap. No other small car can provide so much value and versatility.

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