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200,000+ and still going

nelsonoah, 03/05/2013
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Update to my 11/19/09 review. I'm still driving it and have done nothing but regular stuff (oil/filter, brakes, tires). I now have roughly 205k miles on it. The IMA warning light came on about 1.5 years ago (around 190k miles). Honda said the hybrid battery was testing weak and needed replaced ($2,500 and 3-year/30k warranty). I decided not to replace it and to just see what it'd do. Battery doesn't keep charged up as well as it used to, but I'm still getting over 40mpg driving in town. I found a place that will put in a used battery with a 1-year guarantee for $1,275. Besides the battery, everything else seems to be in great shape.

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Poor man's hybrid

profwho, 07/28/2014
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Bought mine in 2009 for $7500 and 140,000 miles on the odometer. Now it has almost 200,000 miles and not a sneeze! The 1.3L engine is a little slow even with electric assist, but not as bad as most people think. I have no trouble merging on highway. Going up a long stretch of highway need to move to the slow lane, esp. after all the battery capacity is drained. Without A/C, the average gas mileage is pretty good, hovering between 44 to 50 MPG. In the summer, however, when it is hot outside, A/C can sap gas mileage, esp. on short local trips. On longer trips, the A/C does not drain as much energy because once the interior cools down, the A/C is not engaged as frequently.

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Savings? None!

atcpro, 08/11/2013
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The hybrids fuel economy is great until you do the math on the cost to own. You're going to pay an extra 2k for the hybrid. Over five years, you'll save about $2925 in fuel. Sounds great until you have spit out $3900 for a new hybrid battery. Honda lost their case because they knew the battery had a shorter lifespan than advertised. So they were forced to extend the warranty to 9 years. Again, sounds great until find out they did an "update" at your last service visit on the battery that extends its life another year. Ironically, just enough for the warranty to be invalid. All together, you can expect to pay about 3k more than your gas guzzling neighbor. Cust. Serv. is a joke.

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CVT Transmission

ron, 04/29/2009
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Owned my Honda from brand new in 2005. Gas mileage about 41 combined city/highway. I have about 80,000 miles on it. I have had problems with my CVT from the start. At 20,000 I had my fluid changed because of a grunting noise at start off. Fifteen thousands miles later the Honda replaced the clutch because of chattering they called it. It seemed to start back grunting at about 50,000. Then on an oil change they detected a motor support broken and replaced it. The grunting seemed to go away but came back soon afterward. Can't seem to get this grunting noise to go away. Has anyone ever heard or had this problem with their CVT transmission? This problems really irritates me!!!

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excellent hybrid

lalala1, 05/12/2011
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My civic hybrid has been through a lot - long commutes, cross country trips, 2 high school drivers. It's still running well with over 170k miles & getting over 41mpg which is a lifesaver right now. As long as maintenance is kept up with it will last a long, long, long time! I'm expecting to drive this car for several more years, I love it.

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