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The very epidamy Quality and Value

John Holmes, 01/09/2018
EX 2dr Coupe (1.7L 4cyl 5M)
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I was with my son when he purchased this car back in August of 2002 as a graduation gift for himself. He drove it until November of 2008 putting 50K on it with only scheduled maintenance and a set of tires. When he announced he was going to buy a new car - I told him "Just drive it over to my house and park it in the driveway and let me know how much I owe you." - which he did. I've driven it another 50K with only scheduled maintenance up until this past summer when I decided to buy a new car. But, after changing my mind and deciding to keep it, at 107,000 replaced the water pump and timing belt "just in case" and put a new set of Michelin Defender 90K tires mounted on Konig-Z wheels. Despite the salt they put down on our Michigan roads, it still has no rust any where - I can't afford to let go something this dependable, getting 35+ city and 42+ MPG on the highway. Sure hope I can be so lucky when we actually DO purchase our next car.

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absolute best car

medic587, 03/09/2014
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This is the best car I have ever owned, and I have owned several. I bought it due to the gas mileage and reliability and it has held up its end of the deal. I continually get low 40s MPG. I now have 315,000 miles on it and I have only had to replace an alternator (@ 250k). It still has its original clutch! The only thing I have had to do for this car, besides the alternator, is routine maintenance and put gas in it. I still trust it to get me anywhere.... long or short distance. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this car!

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Honda = Chrysler now

Honda NoGood NoMore, 06/03/2008
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Purchased new with 6 miles on it and drove it for 5 years (80,000) miles. Reliability and Honda service was terrible. At 35,400 miles, third gear synchro went out on manual transmission. I have been driving manuals for 25 years and I have a CDL and I never burned out a clutch or damaged a tranny. Fixed under warranty but never shifted right again (grinded and clunked when going into gear) and shifter was VERY stiff and VERY difficult to down shift. Took back 4 times and dealer said it was fine!? Called Honda Corporate and wrote letters, no help at all. All 4 struts went out at 40,000 miles too ($1300). Road noise terrible, factory tires rated worst on tirerack and hydroplaned very badly.

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Great! ,,but....

ethelip, 07/27/2013
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Had this car for 2 years now - I drive it tough, on tough roads (NYC, dirt roads..) I can accelarate as fast as I need - even though I must use low gears & push it, she goes! Now 86K and still sounds great.

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Great car! Perfect for my long commute!

Jonathan, 08/21/2006
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I purchased this vehicle off a lease. I have driven it two thousand miles since purchasing it and it has been great. I love this car. Despite gas being $3.30 a full tank only costs me 32 dollars and lasts over 300 miles.

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Paid $4800 5 years ago

bstern92, 09/11/2013
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I bought this car with 130k on it and it now has 144k(second car). Now that I gave my sister my car, this will be driven a lot more. I really like the exterior and interior design of the coupe. It's sleek and has a crazy amount of room for a coupe. The only complaint is that it doesn't have an armrest, with the storage compartment. I have replaced the A/C compressor, oxygen sensor, front rotors and brakes, ball joints, control arms, swaybar links, and battery. All parts were cheap because it's a Honda. I don't hold the repairs against the car because these are all parts expected to go after 11 years. It drives very nice and is comfortable. My cousin has the same one, with over 230k.

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Great bang for the buck

Thad, 04/06/2010
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After sifting through several thousand ads/scams for used Civics, I lucked into a cream puff EX w/ 31,000 original miles, w/out a nick, dent, or scratch. (rally red -- GREAT color!) It's the best looking, best performing used car I've ever bought, and now that the weather is getting nicer, I'm loving my sunroof. I put a remote starter (mandatory in Michigan winters),and a new set of tires on her, and she runs flawlessly,without a single rattle. No, it's not a 328i, so handling and performance are held to a different standard. Also, I was surprised to find city mileage at only around 28mpg with the automatic. But I still love this little car, and better still, I love having NO PAYMENTS!

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Hot Honda

grenadian, 05/22/2010
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Good drive around car. Not too sporty so not fun to drive. Great mpg. 2000 Civic is better. Can hold a good sound system.

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My Civil Little Civic

Mos Steph, 08/04/2010
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I bought my Civic from a local Honda dealer in 2005, had 36,000 miles on it. I change the oil every 3000 miles. Only had to replace the battery, front brake pads, tires. Only out of the ordinary repairs were the airbag sensor (Honda replaced for free not even under warranty!), a tie rod (wear & tear), and some electrical connection that had to do with one of my headlights. It's not the most flashy, fast car but it's zippy, economical, and just right for me. If I had kids or pets to haul around I'd probably go for the sedan or an Accord but for now I love the coupe. I'm a Honda person for life now after having an Oldsmobile & Chevy. If I had to do it again, I'd get a 5 speed if available.

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great car so far

sweet 02 civic, 12/25/2002
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well, the main reason i bought this car is that my previous vehicle was a jeep wrangler and if you cant guess already.. miles per gallon.. from 12 mpg to 32-39.. i know the vehicles are very different but im just happy to be in this one instead now! the suspension is just right for my taste(semi aggresive driver) as is the conservative styling. i am 6'4" tell and sit fairly comfortably in my baby. no defects of any kind so far after 3500 miles. the headlights work very well and signals are highly visible.

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