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Why didn't someone tell me these were so fun??

smooshies, 06/01/2011
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This is the best car I have ever owned, and I have owned about 10 different cars and trucks. This even beats the Toyota Truck that took me to Canada, Mexico, New York, Seattle, San Diego, Chicago, and everywhere in between. I bought this go cart from a super shady dealer, but even they couldn't make it not run. Best 5 grand I ever spent. It's comfy enough for my two year old, but zippy enough to scoot around town quickly and easily. And, you can park in the tiniest spots EVER. No complaints here. Just wish they were easier to find unmolested... No I do not want that terrible body kit and engine that you slapped together with your buddies!

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Point A to point B. That's the point.

icvci, 01/17/2003
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My 2000 DX hatchback is the perfect car for the price. Fold the rear 50/50 split seats down and the interior turns into a 21 cubic foot cargo area. Things I have taken home in my Civic Hatchback - 32 inch TV in it's box also in the car at the time, my wife, two empty 5 gallon water bottles, a small tool box, and an unassembled stand for the TV. 1 Maytag Neptune washer My 2 dalmatians, my wife, golf clubs, and luggage for a week's vacation. All this while getting from 32 to 42 MPG!

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The Last of the Simple Hondas....

Kris, 09/16/2015
DX 2dr Hatchback
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Absolutely love this car! Purchased a respectable example with low-mileage five years ago. Gave it a very comprehensive service and full detail and she has been running like a clock ever since then. Almost 130k and it consistently nets me 38-45mpg with a mix of 80% highway and 20% city driving. Although highway merging requires planning with only about 105hp, the 5sp manual helps control the power band better than the automatic. Winter conditions in an FWD are no problem with good tires and a manual. Interior has worn very well for its age. Although not modern, it is simplistic, which is a major antithesis to the gadget-laden stuff on sale today. Hatchback is cavernous for its size with folding seats. Exterior has held up mostly well, although there are initial signs of a few rust bubbles around the rear wheels. Washed monthly and hand-waxed every couple of months has kept the paint mostly bright. Lives up to the "bulletproof Honda" mantra. High-quality synthetic and filter every 7500mi. Issues I have had are very minor (cracked distributor cap, frozen crank window regulators, lower ball joints, wonky A/C clutch) and have been low-cost to fix with good parts. Normal schedule for filters/fluids and preventative replacement of major wear components in the last 40k miles (clutch, brakes, full exhaust, shocks/struts, ball joints, etc.) should see this car get to 200k no problem. I'd most certainly buy one again!

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nbjhfl,uyhvjhn, 09/17/2003
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This is a hassle free city car. Very versatile. Park anywhere, haul a good amount of stuff and reasonably pleasing to look at. Not a car to be excited by but certainly one to depend on.

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2nd DX Hatchback

CJ, 10/14/2005
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I bought my 2000 Civic DX Hatchback in May 2003, I at the same time had a 1991 Civic DX Hatchback that I bought when it was 8 years old (and would still have it, but Husband wrecked it!). I love these cars, perfect for running around anywhere & everywhere. Fold the Seats down, take the dogs to the Vet, load up luggage & take a road trip. And on the Highway gas mileage cant be beat, get close to 350 miles on 1 tank, & then I was REALLY movin (yes, had the radar detector on). Parking is a breeze can park in lots of spaces other vehicles have to pass up, easy to wash (15 Mins). Other than routine maintenance, fill the Tank, & take off! I'll be sure & buy another....Overrall Best Car I ever had.

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Great Car

r3n3gad3II, 03/08/2009
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This was my very first car which I got for graduation present. In 9 years that I have owned it no problems have ever occured. The mpg was excellent. Only had to put full tank every week and a half. I just wished it had a little power, but for the price and reliability, it was well worth it. The interior design was a little dull but oh well. This car can be parked anywhere u want. Living in SF with such a horrible parking, takes no time to find parking.

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Great car for what it is.

Rob Johnson, 06/30/2002
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This was my first new-car purchase and first car out of High-school. My previous car was an '86 Accord that got me hooked on the Honda nameplate. This car is very well-built. I have 50k+ miles so far and I have not had even the slightest problem. It gets awesome gas milage as well. My only complaint is that the insurance is insanely high on this car. Even more so if your a single male under 25 like me. Performance is not the greatest, although not the worst either. (But then again, what do you expect from an economy car?) I would highly recomend the 5-speed manual for a car like this.

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Simply a good car

melanie, 02/21/2003
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This car has been fun to drive, very reliable, and fantastic on fuel economy.

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Loved this car

jubilee, 10/09/2007
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Got this car brand new on 07/2007 with 8 mi on it and it drove strong for another 160000 miles until it got stolen and dumped in a river (broke my heart). I loved this car. It was the cheapest car on the lot, but it treated me well. Changed the oil every 4 to 5000 miles. Paint still looked new. Here are the things that went wrong: cracked exhaust manifold after 2 yrs, A/C compressor went out after 6 yrs, driver's side window went off track after 7 yrs. Otherwise, absolutely no other problems. Very reliable, and I'm going to stick with Honda. This car has a lot of character. Other imports always wanted to race my stock Civic, and I can't tell you how many times people asked to buy my car.

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Best buy ever!

jenmarc221, 04/14/2008
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i just bought a used civic cx hatch i was amazed how fast it went on the highway! i was going 140 km and didn't even notice, it just flies! and it is so EASY to shift gears in a civic?! I love it! and it has good gas mileage! and they are a great size for finding parking and the hatch has more space than i thought. i like too that i is nice and basic, doesn't have unnecessary gadgets. Excellent car!

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Good Lil' Workhorse Car

strindbergmania, 08/19/2003
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This car is classic Honda: wonderful fuel economy and reliability, agile in driving (I'm a stick-shift fanatic so I chose the 5-speed), virtually worry-free, and overall nice looking. Drawbacks: being a small hatchback, naturally, the back seat leaves something to be desired-- barely enough room for kids but I imagine people who buy this car probably don't have kids to begin with. Bottom line: if you like small, zippy, Euro/Japanese cars, this is definitely the one for you. Am a lifelong Honda fan.

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trekkie report

trekkie, 07/22/2003
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had civic h/b since 1978.. since then honda has slowly cheapened it..the paint is my biggest problem it chips so easily

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Monet, 03/14/2006
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Beat the car down with miles, and it still drives great! Never had to take it to the shop or anything, besides oil changes.

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my honda Vs. canadian made cars (kiddin)

extere, 03/30/2002
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in response to bullit's review on top of the page: what is NOT an import in canada? civic is without any question one of the most reliable cars out there. its my 3ed. i remember my other ones: not a single mechanical problem after 70,000. just oil, tires, and filters were replaced. great car.

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