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One of the best cars ever made

philsie1, 06/15/2013
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Our '98 has 375,000 kms. We have had it for 7 yrs and love driving it. We have to retire it finally because of rusted out frame and gas tank from so much salt on the roads of Canada. We have done very little to it except to replace all the brake and gas lines, again due to rusting. Still gets excellent gas mileage( we were getting as much as 44 mpg). So if you have 175000 - 200000 kms on your car, don't give up hope, there's plenty left.

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This car is literally bullet proof

mikey281, 01/27/2015
EX 4dr Sedan
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My mother bought this car new and I've had it for the past 3 years and 50k miles (190k total now). It has handled everything I could throw at it. Last summer we took it through 4000 miles of mexico and all the bumps and pot holes that that entailed. I even drove it through a river that washed out my road. It has only had standard maintenance done to it (fluids, timing belt tires) and a few other parts to replace some damage i caused when I went off the road (ball joint, new wheel) Someone even shot a gun into the hood and the support brace stopped the bullet so no damage was done to the engine! How's that for bullet proof!

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I am waiting for this damn thing to break down

kate, 08/30/2016
LX 4dr Sedan
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It's nearly 20 years old and astoundingly reliable. It's also boring. AND I don't have any more tapes to play in it since that technology died long before the car. But it is strong, not rusting and just fine, thanks. I suspect I'd have to drive it off a cliff to get it to break. Update: in 2018 had to get a lot of work done on brakes and clutch. But it is running fine update in 2020: the body rust finally did it in -- RIP car. Next time I'll wash the undercarriage more in the winter.

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++MPG, Reliable, Cheap repairs

dblynch90, 04/10/2011
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I bought this car in 08 @ 132k miles. I still have the car today and it runs, drives, and looks just as good as it did the day i got it. I have been reading alot of posts saying that they have had engine, tranny, and paint issues, and i havnt experienced any of those issues (knock on wood). However, i do my oil changes, tranny and coolant flushes, and i wash my car every week to preserve the paint and underbody. If you take care of your car, it will treat your right in return. Definately would reccomend for college student and long commuters. Only thing i have ever had to fix was a CV shaft and wheel bearing, which ended up costing me less than $100 combined.

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the perfect car

mpb666, 12/06/2011
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I bought my 98 accord in 2002. it had about 30,000 miles on it. was kept in great shape by previous is now december 2011 and i still own this great car. i am at 175,000 miles now with not 1 major problem in 10 years of owning it. still runs nice and smooth, quiet. i can trust and rely on this car to start and run great anytime. even in the dead of winter, will start up no problem. only thing ive ever had done major is replace the catalytic converter and starter. on my second set of brake pads in 10 years. i get 3 month oil changes and once a year maintenance checkup every year. im sure it would last another 10 years easy. great car, will miss it when i dont have it her anymore!

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