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body frame rust very bad

jorge, 07/07/2016
SLE 4dr Crew Cab 4WD SB (2.8L 4cyl 5M)
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body frame rust really bad my is a 2006 and is really rusty cheap material

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Rusted brakes

D&D P, 08/21/2010
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I had to replace the front rotors and beerings due to rust. The rotors where so rusted they could not be turned. The rotors where so rusted it interfered with the anti-lock brakes. I'm writing a letter to GMC with the problem i had.

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My Grand Canyon

EX FORD OWNER, 12/31/2007
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To be sure of the fact that style is as beautifull for the truck, as it seems to have been named after; And the hardiness of it's spirit for the ruggedness of same. I've owned a Ford for thirty years, of that a Ranger pickup extended cab for fourteen, and Ford can not match what Canyon has going for it. Thanks for a great truck! P.S. Canyon was a 2006 left over with only 7 miles on it then.

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Ayayayyy Chevy!

Omar, 08/20/2010
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Umm not too good experience. Cheap materials, becomes a very noisy interior like a crunchy plastic. Brakes should be checked every 6K miles. Chevy dealers just try to get money since the moment of sale. Beware, dealer is gonna sell you an Extended Warranty without consultation and then the Extended Warranty covers everything except expensive parts. I know this post is gonna bring down my resale price but what the hell! Don't be fool, this is not American Quality!

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Heck of a truck

2006 gmc crew cab, 06/26/2008
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I picked this up in March of '06 and immeadiately took it on a trip, getting mid to high 20's in MPG. Other than regular maintenance, it has never had any work done on it. I previously had a 2001 GMC Sonoma 4x4. This truck is 2wd, saving gas. Since then, I have taken many trips with this vehicle, and the truck has performed extremely well! I plan to replace it with another one just like it when my lease is up. The Japanese makers can keep their trucks!

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Great all-around truck!

Jim, 03/23/2006
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First Pickup I've owned and I find it to be not only a very useful vehicle, but very enjoyable to drive., whether a long or short trip, very comfortable. I have the Inline fuel-injected 5-Cyl. and it's got excellent power and smooth performance. The gas mileage is a pleasant surprise with this engine too! All Black, and equipped with the "Off- Road" package, plus 4-wheel drive, she handles like a dream, and goes just about anywhere, in all types of terrain and weather conditions. GMC should be very proud of this truck, because it's a definite winner!!!!

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Don't Bother

Ron, 06/04/2008
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First 12k was fine, then the head went twice within 200 miles. Truck has 23k on it now and is falling apart. 4th gear grinds (common, parts on back order 2 weeks) and locks out of reverse easily (tsb it's so common of a problem) beautiful styling, but falls short on reliability and quality of fit & finish. No more GMs for me, buy a Tacoma, you'll be happier. 23k new, 2 years old, worth trade in $9,200. No resale value and I get 19-22 city, 29- 32 highway.

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Nice Truck

High Mileage, 02/18/2009
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Bought this truck in January 2009 with just under 150,000 kms. I assume it was dependable for the previous owner. So far I really like the ride, the design and the interior does not look or feel cheap at all. The controls are old school which i don't mind. Some better newer technology would be nice though. Like a heated steering wheel (to go with the heated seats), auto-up and down capabilities for the front windows from the driver's seat would be nice as well.

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06- GMC Canyon Crew Cab

KK, 07/29/2010
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I had bought my Canyon just 5yrs. ago and outside of regular maint. i had to have the valves redone at 30,000 miles under warranty.. After all these years of driving this truck it still gets great gas millage and and has not left me stranded. Like the I-5 engine with MP3 player. And it looks good as GM has always had nice design. I will be getting the new model canyon..

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Pretty Satisfied

Mike, 12/13/2005
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I have had an ABS/Traction Control fault problem with less than 1500 mile on it. The wheels look like they are plastic wheel coverings. Otherwise, I am very happy with the SLT package.

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Good Truck

AdamJ, 04/26/2006
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Finally bought my first truck in Feb. 2006 and love it. It rides great and is fun to drive. So far I have added a hard lockable tonneau cover and a spray in bed liner. The tonneau cover improved the gas mileage so I would recommend buying one. I have about 3,000 miles on it so far and have been very impressed with everything. I have the I5 3.5 engine and it has plenty of power for a mid-size truck. Have not towed anything yet, but don't foresee any problems. Other options I have is 4WD, auto, power everything and I have not had a problem with anything thus far. I am looking forward to having and enjoying this truck for a very long time. Great product, you get a lot truck for a good price.

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gmc2005, 03/17/2006
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Drive 80 miles to work one way. Have not been able to drive my truck for 3 weeks, the check engine light came on at 22000 miles, first it was the valve seal that was replaced, drove about 30 miles check engine came on again, next it was the fuel injector twice, then finally the cylinder in the engine went bad all in 1 week. bought the truck 1 year ago. I like the gas mileage. thinking about trading in for something more dependable for my money, back seat not very roomy

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Good all round truck

Jay, 05/26/2006
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I went from a 2001 Lincoln Navigator to this and only thing I miss is the outside temp reading. The truck is fun to drive and handles well. I have the hard tonneau cover and spray in bed liner.

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The Works

we bought two, 12/02/2006
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I've beaten this truck pretty good. It has the off-road package, so I did a little off-roading and the truck took it well. Plenty of clearance, handling is good, and more power than I needed to climb a 33 degree dirt hill with three other big guys in the cab. I have the I5 Vortec engine and a heavy foot; my average mileage has been about 18.5. Straight highway is at 22 and city driving has been no worse than 17.5. I have read reviews where people say the interior feels cheap and I understand moving parts might feel that way, however, I think they misinterpret the molded plastic features that have a tight range of movement with little resistence; adding to the fun and solid feel of the truck.

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My First Truck

DoninVirginia, 12/10/2006
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This is the first true truck that I've owned (to distinquish it from the three SUVs that I previously owned). I can honestly say that I'm very happy with my purchase. I bought it at end of model year, so the incentives and pricing were just too good to pass up. Some reviewers have complained that the interior is not as good as they thought it should be. I contend that this vehicle is not a sedan and, therefore, their expectations are not realistic. I'm disappointed that the fog lamp button is not accessible through the light panel on an "after market" fog lamp installation. The gas mileage is also below expectations (likely due to wind drag from the tailgate).

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Not to big not to small

Noru, 02/04/2007
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I have had my truck for almost one year. So far I have had no problem with this truck. It has a very smooth ride and feels very heavy duty. My gas mileage in town is around 17 city and 25 highway. I too don’t understand any complaint about the interior, as this is a truck and not a luxury sedan. I am looking forward to keeping this for the long haul.

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2006 GMC Crew Cab 2WD

JScott, 05/16/2007
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My main reason for choosing the GMC Canyon crew cab pickup was fuel economy. I could only find GMC and Ford Ranger offering 4 cylinder engines and only GMC was available with the crew cab and a 5-speed standard transmission. I am very pleased with its fuel economy because it has exceeded the EPA estimates. I have averaged about 23.6 mpg for city and highway lumped together. For highway driving, the mpg has ranged up to 29.3 mpg for one long trip with no load. The Ford Ranger is EPA rated slightly higher than EPA rates the Canyon 4 cylinder, but the Ford Ranger 4 cyl is slightly less horsepower. I don't need much power most of the time, so I have been happy with the Canyon all the time.

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My Canyon

metallicat, 09/16/2007
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What can I say about this truck? I love it, so much better than the S15 it replaces. It's bigger, it has more power.

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Great truck

Ed, 06/13/2007
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Had an S-10 before this, and although I believe the interior was nicer and more comfortable in the S-10, I love the crew cab for my family. The truck runs great, but I think gas mileage should be better than 24 (get about 24 exactly). Biggest problem I have had is the wear of the front tires. The alignment seems off and the inside is wearing odd. Dealer repeatedly tells me this is normal, I don't see how. I have over 50000 on it and I like it as much as when I bought it. Seems like the S-10 was more refined and corners where cut to get this to a price point, there are absolutely no frills or extras, but bottom line, I would buy it again.

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SPRUCEKNOB, 04/28/2008
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We bought this truck in September 2007 and have had it to the garage 7 times since.We had to replace the speakers,head lights,and turn signals.our local mechanic told us that we would have to rotate the tires after 5,000 miles because this model has had front axel problems. sure enough our tires were wearing out prematurely and consumer reports have labeled this truck as a used vehicle to avoid. we finally gave up dealing with the headaches of this truck and bought a subaru.

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