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Many great features, just one that's worrying me

megant, 09/30/2012
Denali 4dr SUV AWD (3.6L 6cyl 6A)
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We purchased out Acadia in June of this year. I'd had a Honda Pilot for 5 years, and while I really liked it, I wanted bucket seats in the second row and third row seating that was more easily accessible and was comfortable for adults-basically a minivan interior for seating without looking like a "mom-mobile" on the outside. The Acadia met these goals very nicely. We've put a lot of miles on it with our 9 year old son and it's been a very comfy ride. It's a beautiful vehicle, but the engine worries me. It can really hesitate when speeding up from a dead stop or slow speed-scary. It also isn't nearly as smooth in acceleration as my Honda was-a bit sluggish. A+ on everything but the engine-C.

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$6000 is way too much for repairs for 90k miles

Matt M, 11/03/2017
SLE 4dr SUV (3.6L 6cyl 6A)
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We purchased the 2012 Acadia with zero miles in Feb 2013. It is now 5 years old with 90,000 miles and we have spent so much money on repairs. Every year we have had to take the car in to have the sensors in the tires reset during the winter because for some reason the car can't read accurate pressure when it is cold outside. In 2015 we had to replace fuel injectors due to what we were told is a 'known' issue by GMC but has yet to be covered under warranty or recalled. This was $2,000. From that time we had turned the car into the dealership multiple times due to a smell of radiator fluid inside the car. They continued to tell us there was not a problem and it must have been some fluid spilled on the engine when they disconnected the hoses. Luckily my wife works very close to her work so it wasn't too big of a issue for her to continue driving it with the dealership saying everything is okay. Fast forward to June 2017. The car now begins to overheat, so we again return it to the dealership. After 3 days of looking they say it is the water pump. Awesome! Let's get that fixed for $1,000 and maybe the smell of radiator fluid will go away and everything will be fine. My wife begins driving the car and on the ride home from picking it up she says there is now a vibration and can still smell the fluid in the car. We called and were advised that again this is most defiantly common and fluid must be burning off the engine. They said give it a day or two to burn off and let them know. They didn't really address the vibration so we figured maybe it was in my wifes head (if you knew her you would understand). We allowed for 2 weeks and nothing got better, it was worse. The car began overheating again and the vibration was uncontrollable. Returned to the dealership and again, after a day of looking at it they now report the radiator has a hole in it and while looking they found there was 2 broken motor mount struts and a bad coil. Great! Let's get that fixed up for $2,100 and everything will be hunky dory! But wait...... there is more! So we pick the car up on a Friday. My wife parks it at our house around 8 PM. She attempts to use it for the first time on Sunday around 3 PM. The car will not crank. The battery is not dead, the fuel tank is not empty, the key appears to work. There is no detectable sound to think it is the ignition or starter. After 30 mins of trying to get it to turn over it finally does. It begins to idle at 300 RPMs then up to 900 and back down to 500 and so on. We return the car back to the dealership nearly 30 mins after we got it cranked that day and left the keys in the Dropbox explaining what the issue was and figured someone there must have left something loose when putting everything back together. So we call late Monday afternoon to find out if the car is ready and are told they couldn't find anything wrong. They wanted to keep it a additional day to see if any codes would come up. We agreed and waited. Tuesday AM we receive a call that it is now the High Pressure fuel pump. We are assured this has nothing to do with any work that had been completed in the last 30 days. Fine! Woopty Doo, let's rock on and fix this bad boy for $900. Sweet right, we are now in business. I have a car that I paid 32k for with 90k miles and just replaced pretty much anything that may give me trouble for the next 90k miles. OH, wait... is there more? Yes sir, there is more. We picked up the car today from the dealership. It is 80 degrees outside on this early November day so the wife decides to cut the air on for the ride home. Well, she was unsuccessful, the AC would not come on. The blower was blowing but there is no cool air. It worked fine on that Sunday as she drove it to the dealer but now, nope. So we pull a U-turn and hit that dealership on two wheels! The service manager comes out and we talk about the issue. He puts on some fancy yellow glasses and goes straight to the AC line. Wow! He said, that there is your problem. This hose here with this piece of metal on it gets hot and has been sitting next to this here hose that runs freon inside your car. He then begins to describe how the area this hose is located is no where near anything they have worked on ever. I am awaiting the pricing for this 'hose repair'. I am sure it will be more then $500 but less then $1500. Long story longer 'sorry', I am 6k in on the car and will be trading it in as soon as I get it back. I recommend those of you in the market for a SUV not purchase a 2012 Silver Acadia as this one will be out there on the market probably at a Carmax or TrueCar waiting to bite you in the A$$. It will seem great with low miles and clean interior nice wheels and a DVD package. It will have the third row, leather seats and several months left on the XM system. The body will be untouched and clean with a nice shine to her. WALK AWAY, Fast. I will not EVER buy another GMC.

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2012 Acadia SLT-2 AWD (Love it!)

grandprixman, 12/20/2014
SLT-2 4dr SUV AWD (3.6L 6cyl 6A)
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Pretty much every option besides the rear DVD system. Been driving this vehicle for just over 2 years. I'll have to say, it's the best riding vehicle that I've ever owned. Haven't had any mechanical issues with the vehicle, and I'm over 38,000 miles. There have been a couple minor recalls, but nothing that would prevent me from giving it a great review. Power is pretty good. The only thing I don't like is the gas mileage. It gets what it's suppose to, so I can't complain too much. And this thing weights over 6,000 lbs. Smooth ride, great interior, and no mechanical defects. Who could ask for anything more. Update: Still driving this awesome vehicle. Just hit 90,000 miles and still not one problem with the vehicle. I keep up on all normal maintenance. Still has the original brakes. Besides fluids and tires I haven't done a thing to the vehicle.

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Pleased that GM Has Come Back Strong...

riogp, 12/31/2012
SLT-1 4dr SUV AWD (3.6L 6cyl 6A)
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When I was a kid we had Packards ( Ask the man who owns one ) ...after that we drove Chevys & Cadillacs. In the 80's we switched to German iron since all the US auto makers fell flat on quality. My 2012 Acadia has revised my opinion of American quality. A very sophisticated work of engineering...very much on a par with the German product, as well as the Japanese...and at a more realistic purchase price ...and very much more reasonable service charges. The Acadia handles very precisely for such a large outfit. Mixed driving 20. 8 mpg. on the AWD version. I am very impressed.

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So Far So Good

bayerleinbio, 02/09/2012
SLT-1 4dr SUV (3.6L 6cyl 6A)
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I just bought this crossover. I looked at all crossovers - foreign and domestic - price, and mpg - and found Acadia a bit larger than I would have initially prefered, however I was impressed. I drive mainly in a small town, and I get 17 mph, with an average speed of 22mph from block to block. I've owned Chevy trucks, a Tahoe, and an ML 350 Benz which I traded in for the Acadia. The interior is amazing, roomier than Toyota Rav4 (which was really narrow). Acceleration on Interstate was fine - I am not a dynamic quick driver rabbit start driver, so this vehicle suites my driving style nicely. Great to have the camera - in color - in the rear view mirror.

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