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best little car ever built! mine is an automatic..

Brenda Cea-Collazo, 02/21/2015
LSi 2dr Hatchback
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I've owned my geo since 2006 (I'm the 3rd owner) n love every minute of her , nicknamed her ladybug, since she's red....only have done the basic maintenance, except recently had to get brake work, and radiator hoses replaced plus the timing belt n water pump replaced...since I drive in town n not much on the highway I know that does a lot of wear n tear on a car n in our desert it is even more brutal...I got the car at 154,000 it is now close to 204,000....UPDATED 2/23/17 still own my little red car, mileage a little over 225,000!! still running good!..................UPDATE....2/25/18 still own this gem n its over 236,000 miles! still runs great....:) ****9/11/2018 just a bit over 243,000...runs good still....**** :( in 7/2019 my lady bug went to car heaven after I was struggling with work n trying keep up with maintenance n let an important repair not get done...I was on the freeway n it sputtered n I pulled over n it died forever (254,000 + miles)...she was a good little car!! r.i.p. lady bug <3

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duck on a junebug

michael, 09/12/2009
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I love this car. I purchased my 96 metro 5 speed for only 800.00. At first (being a bigger guy) I was actually embarrassed to be seen in it, then as I would drive by the fuel pumps, and see people standing at the pumps looking all depressed, I learned to smile as I drove past them. As far as acceleration... Don't need it. I just leave a little earlier going somewhere and as people pass me I just think"go ahead, burn all your gas up... Don't care."as far as parking, it's like parking a go-cart.......... Bottom line........... I love this car!

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Gets the job done cheaply

Rich, 07/29/2010
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Bought it in November 08 after going bankrupt, needed a cheap car that got great mileage to drive my 120 mile round trip to work 5-6 days a week. Paid $600 with 110k miles on it, wasn't running at the time. Previous owner was a kid who destroyed a new clutch he put in. I put in a new clutch, starter, left axle, and plugs/wires and drove it to 140k without any problems. Replaced timing belt/water pump and it now has 173k. Cost $19 to fill up for 300 miles. Been in a minor fender bender and keeps running. Can't complain for the price I paid and cost of ownership, I'd get another! It won't win any races or win any awards for looks or comfort, but it goes from A to B.

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Maybe better than you would think

A.L.K., 11/09/2002
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I have driven this car to the ends of the earth. I can get 15 50 lb. bags of landscape rock in it. A ladder will fit without a passenger. I was hit in it. Scariest experience of my life-- but I am now very careful. Drive definsively and this is a great car. First "wear" repair at 120K, knock on wood. I call her "Lil' Pepe." I am about to turn it into a rolling billboard for my new business.

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96 Metro

Luke, 02/15/2007
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I bought this car with about 80,000 mi. on it just over two years ago. I now have reached 100,000 mi. and haven't found much to complain about. Haven't found much to brag about either. The car has been for the most part quite reliable. The car is a four cylinder with a three speed automatic. I was unpleasantly surprised when I found out I was only getting 30 mpg at best. I think the poor gas mileage is due to the three speed auto tranny. A four speed auto would greatly increase mpg. The only other complaints I have is the small size. I am only 5'10" and I look and feel like a giant in the car. The car is also extremely vunerable to rust. I have seen cars from the 80's with less rust than my car

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